How To Target Local Customers Online


Your customers think local – does your website?

1) Where do your current customers come from?

The first step is to take some time out to think or run a report on where your customers come from. Find out about certain postcodes or capital cities Your next step is to compare your sales data to where your website visitors are coming from. You can also run some nice comparison reports to see how this has changed and trended over the past few years.


Where is the growth coming from year on year?

The team at find this is a very simple and easy way to find niche opportunities which are evolving online.

i.e.: the growth of new housing communities all around Australia. Furthermore, the huge rate of change to Google Places over the past 12 months means that there are often huge variances in where your website visitors come from.

All in all, you never know what you might discover.

2) Drill down to see where your qualified leads or phone calls are coming from

Many business owners have an excellent gut feel for where their leads are coming from. However, by using Google Analytics you can drill down and start seeing niche opportunities that you may have missed.

Google Analytics enables you to see exactly where your leads have come from:

  •  Thank You & Quote Pages


You can also analyse phone call leads, with functions to do the following more advanced options:

  1. Exclude current customer by only running on new visitors
  2. Calculate your percentage of sales conversion from leads is from each location

3) Save some money – stop the wastage

The Internet has no boundaries and businesses using AdWords often get traffic from lots of different sources, many of which do not provide the types of clicks you are looking for.

For a moment, consider and check:

    1. What percentage of phone calls or website leads you do not respond to
    2. Your Adwords campaign for wastage, or ask the team at to do so for you
    3. The city-specific traffic in Analytics for a high bounce rate or low time on site
    4. Your Google ads and website description – is it easy to tell what areas you service?


5) Start winning more of your local target market

Once you have analysed the information detailed above, or you know the local market you want to dominate, it’s time to start winning market share.  Think about why someone searches local; how fast do they want something, how do they want to be serviced.  It’s amazing how effective something as simple as including “free measure & quote” is for local service industry search.

4 Steps to Success:

  1. Set traffic benchmark from your city or location page
  2. Create unique local offer to win business
  3. Invest in mobile landing page solution
  4. Set up a lightning fast response team, so before your competitors know it, the customers are all yours

This is a great and cost effective way to get your marketing spend working better for you in the new financial year. Wishing you online success, Ewan Watt

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