The best ways to generate traffic to your website

Website audience building

Creating a new website is a huge task and building a regular stream of visitors can be expensive or a little hit and miss without a targeted approach. In fact making or updating a website is about 60% of the task as ensuring its popularity and building repeat visitation requires specialist expertise, perseverance, regular monitoring and innovative business strategies.

We all like visitors streaming into our site from the beginning; but unfortunately, today’s discerning web surfer is spoilt for choice and is always seeking more value for time spent on your site. Web-Traffic building can be an daunting task; however, flexibility and perseverance almost always result in your business uncovering an unexploited niche on the Internet.

Three Easy Steps to Increasing Website Traffic

Experienced web marketing experts suggest a three step approach to building web-traffic consistently with a high degree of conversion and positive ROI.  This approach develops a streamlined process that regularly gives web-marketers the maximum return for  website marketing efforts. You should always start a process of getting both inward links to your relevant webpages and traffic. Major search engines consider links to your website as an important means to measure your site’s importance and ranking. The following 3 steps are intended for new websites but can also be used for established websites:

Step 1:

Set up a Bait- Think of a useful value proposition to act as bait for new visitors. This should ideally be unique with a great mass appeal. This bait could be an incentive for the visitor to go beyond just visiting. The bait should ideally compel the visitor to interact with your site (clicking on links). To succeed, this bait needs to be concurrently tempting or intriguing while representing your website in the best possible manner. To promote recurring visitation the bait should be of some value to visitors – one that they can always rely on.

This bait could be:

  • -Attractively written & original articles
  • -Awards or Contests
  • -On-site web-tool / application
  • -A notable personality’s interview
  • -An industry specific priority-ranking list
  • -Freebies – items, resources, gifts
  • -Discount offers or unique deals
  • -Widgets for specific communities

Step Two:

Attract traffic towards your bait- After you have set up your web-bait, you now need to promote the offer aggressively and extensively. The goal is to get as many people to access your bait through a variety of online and offline marketing. The ultimate purpose of this marketing campaign is to spread your website brand-awareness and achieve your specific business goals. At the onset you need to decide what you want to gain from your web-traffic. Do you seek to build your email / subscriber lists? Or are you basically looking to build links?
You will need to optimise your site so that the web-traffic you receive will help you in achieving your goals. Here are some proven ways & sources you could use to send traffic towards your web-bait:

Networking through Social media websites (niche communities that are relevant)

  • -Posts on focused forums & bulletin boards
  • -E-mails to targeted bloggers & webmasters.
  • -Targeted pay per click advertising
  • -Purchasing banner ads on credible and popular websites, relevant to your site
  • -Submission of articles to niche industry news-sites, journals,
  • -e-zines, directories and blogs

Step Three:

Build a Community and Pamper it! After you have sufficiently promoted your web-bait, devote sufficient time to interact with your target visitors and produce follow up content that meets their expectations & needs. Write focused articles or produce content that is aligned to your bait. The objective here is to immediately build an interested community around your site. It does not matter how small your community is at the initial stage. Analyse how your audience interacts with your website and reacts to your bait. After some time, create a new variation of your bait and try to target new audiences through the above mentioned two steps.

Experts suggest that the development ratio for a new website should be a 40% focus on content with a 60% focus on its promotion and traffic buildup. You can spend millions on creating a unique web-masterpiece but if no one is going to interact with it on a regular basis, it is virtually useless as you are neither making money nor building its visitation.

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