The consumer is king

The Internet has led to consumer empowerment and empowered consumers are changing the way that travel is distributed, marketed and sold.

With the Internet comes the evolution of a brand new segment of traveller – the rise of the Web Generation familiar only with the Internet and likely to ignore offline points of sale. They are tech savvy and embrace each new wave of online technology. These web generation travellers have had computers their entire lives and they will look nowhere else for travel other than the Internet. They are cynical and sophisticated, much like their Generation Y counterparts, and they know what they want.

With Empowerment Comes Expectations

It is important to understand your target market, consider how they search and understand which key factors drive their decisions. In the leisure accommodation industry: images sell, not words. When planning a holiday, consumers want to see what to expect at the resort they choose. They do not want any surprises and they want to be won over by high quality imagery that showcases the accommodation and the surrounding region.

Today, many people do not have time to go to the travel agent and they want their online search to be quick and effective. Empowered consumers are going direct. They want to search for accommodation in their own time, have instant access to inventory and have the ability to view and transact online.

When considering your website design and online strategy, there are a few points worth remembering:

  • The website should be easy to use and navigate
  • Ensure that content is true to the experience
  • Provide best available rate on the website
  • A phone number is important for those who are hesitant of transacting online: but they still research there
  • The best websites allow transacting in real time, with dynamic pricing and up-sell opportunities
  • Price is not the only driving factor
  • Immediate e-mail confirmation and replies are critical – people do not like waiting
  • High quality imagery is key: pay a professional photographer to take first class photos

Today’s online customers expect the world – will help you deliver it

Our core expertise is search engine marketing, website usability, website measurement and improving website sales conversion rates.

This experience has led to us offering a unique approach to website design based on delivering key business objectives and a competitive advantage to your business.

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