The Effectiveness of Online Internet Advertising

Online advertising gives a better return on investment than other platforms

If someone offered you the opportunity to advertise your product or service for the duration of all television commercials during the AFL Grand Final and promised to deliver that level of exposure every year for just a few hundred dollars each month would you accept it?

Billions of dollars are spent globally every year trying to compete for optimal advertising space – just consider the AFL Grand Final, the NFL Super Bowl in the US or the UEFA Champions League final in Europe as three major sporting events that command monster, million-dollar advertising fees for mere seconds – a few seconds in which to make an impression on what can only amount to a handful of relevant segments of respective target markets for the handful of products advertised.

The competition for such advertising time is ferocious. Despite the millions spent, only a tiny fraction will ever get around to buying what’s on offer – so why invest in it? They say TV advertising works! Yet for the millions who watch these sporting events, how many are in buying mode? How many even stick around to watch the advertisements? If TV advertising works by targeting some of your target some of the time – what about targeting all of your market all of the time?

The traditional mindset is that getting that level of exposure and placing your brand or business in touch with your target market on such a large scale costs millions of dollars. How about having that level of exposure for just a few hundred dollars each month? Add in the bonus of bypassing everyone else and reach your intended target every time you advertise?  Plus the fact that your intended target is actively seeking the product or service you are selling!!

The reality is that online advertising is so effective it can put you on your customer’s virtual doorstep every minute of every day for the tiniest fraction of what major multinational corporations fork out on television advertising time.

Advertising on Google is a cost effective advertising solution

The effectiveness of online advertising is in some way represented by the effectiveness of the internet as a search tool. The nature of modern life dictates that when we shop, when we search for information we go online – if we want something or want to know something we ‘Google’ it. Many of you probably ‘Googled’ something to get to this page and’s online advertising strategy was so effective you landed on this page.

Apply such a process to your own business and website and you begin to see how ranking well in Google can change your company’s prospects. Paid search advertising such as Google Ad words provides a great opportunity to get the ball rolling in the short to medium term and can relay quality traffic and genuine sales leads to your website but lasting success requires a dedicated approach – a strategy designed to ensure that you get to the top of Google and constant evaluation, revision and refinement to ensure you stay there.

The sustained effectiveness of online advertising depends on a strategic approach encompassing Google optimisation or SEO, pay-per-click advertising such as Google AdWords and an eye-catching website that is easy-to-use. There is no need for a multi-million dollar marketing budget – the internet can be and is mastered by the smallest businesses.

Get a comprehensive online advertising solution from has helped hundreds of small to medium Australian businesses and large corporate enterprises to effectively and efficiently harness the power of the internet, resulting in exponential growth and continued success. It doesn’t happen overnight but we’re the people who specialise in putting your business first. To discover how we can help increase your business with Google AdWords, contact today.

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