The effectiveness of SEO

Q. To what extent can SEO be effective for my business?

A. With online marketing growing at such a rapid rate, most businesses are focusing their presence to be more online than previously. Getting your website on Google is getting more competitive each day as there are more people seeing value in the internet, so therefore every company wants to have a good online presence on Google.

SEO is a very effective tool to strengthen the likelihood of generating an online presence within the top ranks of Google.

SEO is effective for bringing customers to the website through ranking high in search engines by making content relevant to the business and the targeted keywords. To make SEO effective, planning needs to be implemented from the beginning as to what keywords need to be targeted, as each site is optimised for the chosen keywords. Through this optimisation the website may change content to help make it more relevant to the targeted keywords.

Effective SEO is shown through high rankings and traffic increase to your website. The effectiveness of the SEO on a site can be monitored by results from Google Analytics. We check results from previous months and compare to see changes in the rankings and the traffic. We also monitor each keyword we are focusing on by checking the current ranking and keeping records of previous rankings.

After the initial SEO is complete on a website it is up to the business to market itself. If the information or product on the website is not what the customer wants then they may leave. Marketing your website to the right customer base is what makes a successful website. SEO brings customers; the website has to keep them there.

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