The Essential Guide to Marketing your business on the Internet

Intelligent Internet Marketing

Today the online world co-exists with the offline world. Even though there are few online-conglomerates that are great revenue generators, their number is growing fast. The web is now the preferred mode of communication for a vast majority of consumers. Internet marketing is thus the key to boost customer conveniences as well as revenues. Offline businesses require a considerable amount of money to expand their presence in new territories. They have to rent or purchase expensive real estate along with essential materials and equipment. On the other hand smart web businesses expand their global reach with a simple ‘mouse – click’ thanks to custom web pages with locali sed content. Instant global access to target customers with minimal investments is a great internet marketing advantage.

A ‘Flatter’ Internet led world

Thanks to global interconnectivity of online-consumers the Internet has flattened the business landscape considerably. All businesses, irrespective of lineage, size and marketing spends have the same opportunities to capture the attention of online customers . The Internet thus offers a great level playing field to all businesses. Often large brick & mortar businesses invest millions on offline advertising to promote their brand differentiators , while online businesses leverage web based analytics to tweak their online promotions and build locali sed product and service innovations around them to sustain their brand diffe rentiation. This is more cost effective as advertisements become sales and service enablers. Innovation and not large marketing spends wins online.

Internet Marketing Realities

The web has transformed business rules and added new paradigms to marketing strategies. In today’s internet led ‘pull –economy’ (where customers ‘pull’ or force businesses to supply products and services) web marketing transfers power of business to the customer. Online marketing should always harness this customer ‘pull’ through customi sed offerings and Internet savvy businesses should follow four basic marketing rules:

Speed & Fleixibility

Competition is now global instead of being localised in specific cities and regions. Businesses are speeding up product innovations and service conveniences on 24X7 basis to outpace competitors. Speed and flexibility in the online space are a competitive necessity.

Leverage Permission

Overcrowded market s often translates to more businesses chasing a finite number of customers. Thus harried customers demand ‘polite’ marketing initiatives – legally. It is always advisable to employ the consumer’s permission, by offering free subscription to informative e-mailers/ newsletters. Permission can thus be effectively leveraged to introduce new product /service launches to the target audience in a way that is more appealing.

Being Pervasive

Thanks to web analytics, businesses using Internet marketing know customers ’ geographical IP address. Depending on the localised tastes and life style preferences of prominent web visitors, custom Internet advertisements need to ‘pervade’ customer lives for greater success. Thus smart pervasiveness is needed to take full advantage of technological advances of the Internet medium.

Don’t lose the passion

Internet businesses and their marketing promotions are often driven by never ending passion to be a step ahead of competition and even evolving customer needs. This generally leads to smart new business innovation that consistently delights the customer to switch over to the new medium for a majority of his purchase decisions – like online music where he can listen and download to thousands of new songs added frequently thanks to e-mail alerts with song synopsis and a download button. This is only feasible if you are very passionate about customer satisfaction through process and technological breakthroughs. Passion is a business necessity in Internet marketing.

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