The importance of keyword selection

What is the most profitable keyword search on the Internet for your business? Keyword research, selection and continuous refinement is an integral part of the search engine marketing and search engine optimization process.

A great starting point for selecting generating relevant keywords is identifying the most popular search terms on the Internet.

The Yahoo Search Marketing keyword search tool is an indication of the monthly number of searchers on and NineMSN. and NineMSN have approximately 15% of the Australian search engine market so you can times this number by 7 to receive a rough estimate of the total number of searchers in Australia’s major search engines including Google.

Keyword Generation to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Identifying the most popular keyword search terms is a good starting point for understanding the online market opportunity for your business. However, when deciding upon the keywords you would like to finally target, you also need to consider the profile of the audience you want to reach, your market positioning and the current levels of online competition in your industry sector.

Want help selecting the most profitable keywords for your business?

The team at can help your online business adopt a unique approach to keyword generation that will not only help your website target new customers, but also help you implement an effective search engine optimization program that will deliver Top 10 rankings in Australia’s major search engines.

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