The importance of Link Building for High Rankings

People love popularity and so do search engines. If other website owners decide to display your website link on their webpages it all adds to your web credibility / popularity – as it confirms the relevance of your website content.

Incoming links is a great way of showing web visitors and search engines that many website owners would like their visitors to reach you. This is amongst the best validation of your business mission. Generally speaking the older the website the more credible is its validation (just like we take older people more seriously).

What does Google rankings and SEO mean for my business?

Search engines simply love these incoming links as incoming links increase site visitation with more people clicking their way to your site. Quality always triumphs as search engines are always looking at the quality (business brand’s market share) of websites that display links to your website. Good quality incoming links from prominent web pages on trusted websites will

always triumph over sheer quantity of incoming links. Good quality incoming links should be sourced from credible websites whose businesses have synergies with your website. These could be business websites, important web forums and popular web directories. These sites are called link partners.

Forming Link Partnerships

Forming a good quality link partner requires sharing business relevance of your web-content with other webmasters and convincing them to add your website’s link to their webpages. For web directories and other discussion forums you have to publish relevant articles / information positioning your website as a useful information source for their visitors. You could even write a favorable website review (posted on that particular website) of a link partner in return for incoming links from his website. If there is a discussion board on your site it’s a great idea to ask other related websites to participate in your web-discussions. This encourages them to exchange links with your website.

Link Building through Site Submission

One of the simplest ways to increase links to your site is to post your site to quality website directories, niche forums, social networking sites, online press releases sites and search engines (including vertical search engines).  There are both free and paid sites for each of these online properties.  Although you need to be very careful about large bulk submissions to thousands of directories as this practice is considered spamming and may prove to have a negative impact on your search engine rankings.

Popular web directories that attract high volume / high quality traffic often charge for listing on their pages. While free web directories are available in plenty, the paid directories get you better quality web traffic and therefore lead to a higher search engine rankings faster. A concerted effort in posting and updating your descriptive and relevant content with your site links makes you visible to more interested web visitors than ever. Besides you should take part in web discussions of famous article submission, news and media portals and post your articles/comments with your links displayed.

Avoid Link Farms

Links are no doubt essential for improving search engine ranking. But artificially inflating the number of links does more harm than good. Using link farms is one such Search engine optimization ( SEO ) mistake where a group of websites are created for simply adding web-links. These days search engines are smart enough to see through such tactics and are quick to penalise those websites that indulge in this practice. It also pays to thoroughly investigate any link partnerships or placement to weed out the bogus ones.

To summarise, link building is a very time consuming task and the business case to outsource this process is very compelling. The team at has developed a robust methodology for link building which has provided outstanding results for our clients.

If you would like specialist assistance in all types of link building speak to our friendly team to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

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