The Importance of SEO for Branding

Branding in traditional media with comprehensive marketing strategies including elaborate TV campaigns and extensive magazine spreads may be said to have been available only to the big brands with the big money.

So where does that leave the little guys, the start ups the small businesses?

Building Brand Recognition Online

There are a number of ways in which to build your brand online and the new tricks that businesses can pull out of their hats are increasing vastly, particularly with the dawn of social media & mobile search and the growing evolution of universal search. The focus of this article is on how businesses can grow their brand through search engine optimisation (SEO).

What SEO Services are available at

The very first step in any SEO project is to ensure that your business name or brand name is appearing at the top of the search results when entered in a search query. What this ensures is that the people who have heard of your brand, are able to find it when they are directly searching for it online. This SEO methodology should incorporate misspellings of search queries to capitalise on the greatest possible number of searchers.

Ubiquity in Search

The key to building a brand presence on the search engines is through a certain ubiquity for a large range of search terms that are relevant to your business or brand. The number of terms that your business can target will of course be directly related to budget and competitiveness of both the keywords and your competitors, however keyword strategies are so vast, that even the smallest business can start strategically to carve out a niche online.

For example if a searcher is looking for a digital camera, they may start with a broad term “digital camera” and refine their search from there to “cheap digital camera” and then move on to “cheap digital slr” and so forth.

In every search they perform they will take note of the top organic positions as well as PPC positions in the SERPs. The more frequently your business name appears for these searches, the more credible your business will become in the mind of the searcher.

As an increasing number of consumers move to the Internet to research almost every household purchase decision, it is important to strike a brand presence at the very start of the research process because it may very well determine whether your business is in the consideration set for the purchase decision.

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