The Lessons Learned in 2015

2015 digital marketing

Looking back on 2015, it has been a year where the team has invested heavily in knowledge across all forms of digital marketing and become far more integrated into the business results achieved across our client base.

Below, I have summarised the five major lessons I have learned across our work in 2015:

Look beyond the data

Most people will click multiple times and use multiple channels before they make a decision to buy. SEO, AdWords and Social Media marketing reports only tell part of the story. Facebook is great example, as most of the value generally comes from second and third click activity through to your main site.


The lesson – Read the reports, but also start to invest in multi channel and pathway attribution modelling so you can see which parts of your spend influences repeat click activity, or leads to the highest percentage of  purchasers thereafter.

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It’s getting harder to collect email addresses

I have been a big fan of white papers and brochure downloads for a long time. But in 2015 users are more savvy and tired of being spammed, so you need to provide valuable content and resources, before users trust you enough to leave their details.

The lesson – Set up event tracking and segmented re-marketing so you can continue the conversation without the need for an email address.

Volume of leads can be misleading

I have seen many businesses this year experience a significant increase in traffic and leads, yet sales and profits are not going up. Chasing the volume means your best sales team members could be chasing poor opportunities, instead of spending time on the best and more qualified opportunities.

The lesson – Change your website KPI to qualified sales opportunities and define exactly what a qualified lead means for your business.

All quiet on the SEO front

It was a relatively slow in terms of Google making any huge changes to its algorithms. There was no Penguin 4 update, however, this will be happening in early 2016.

Google magnifying glass

The lesson – Don’t be complacent and wait for the change, clean up your link profile, play by Google’s rules and diversify your digital marketing spend so you are not vulnerable to future Google updates in 2016.

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You’re busy, your customers are busy

Many of our clients are finding it harder and harder to stay relevant and engaged with email enquiries.  Don’t give up on the email enquiries where you cannot reach people on the phone, or you are not receiving responses.

The lesson – Invest in email marketing and processes for targeted follow up with old email contacts.

So these are the items that I can see making a difference in 2016 as we evolve from 2015.

Thanks for reading and wishing you and your families a wonderful Christmas.

Ewan Watt



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