The New Google Analytics Acquisition Tab

Today what looks like a major change in Google Analytics has begun to be rolled out. This includes dynamic changes to the dashboard with increased functionality.

The major change we can see is that Google Analytics has made the switch from the traditional “Traffic Sources” tab to a new tab called “Acquisitions“.

Google Analytics Update Overview Channels

The Main New Additions To Google Analytics

Acquisitions – Overview

This new dashboard provides information regarding a website’s primary traffic sources and a breakdown based on visits (now referred to as ‘acquisition type‘), behaviour and conversions.

Google Analytics Update Overview

Overall it provides an incredibly quick insight and easy to read look at the top-level performance of all of a website’s traffic sources.

Aquisitions – Channels

The second addition to the new acquisition tab is “Channels” which provides a further, deeper analysis of your data. It can be broken down to an even greater extent with dimensions such as medium, campaign, etc.

Additionally, it allows you to quickly select a goal you want to compare your channels with. Ultimately allowing you to see and compare traffic sources that are performing well or poorly.

Google Analytics Update Channels

At this point, the main objective of these changes seems to be to provide users with an easier way to understand the individual performance of each of their website’s traffic sources. But what do you think; are you finding it easier to read your data now? Let us know in the comments below.

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