The Opposite is True. 

A different insight into your digital marketing reports.

The average website converts at 3% and the average sales team converts 15% of new leads into actual paying customers. Below, are some scenario’s which may give you a different insight into your digital marketing reports.

1.   Google Adwords cost per click is too expensive

The local dentist can pay $9 for “emergency dentist north Sydney” and 50% of the clicks will turn into customers. That’s $18 a customer

OR, the dentist can pay $3 for a “teeth whitening” click, have 10 times the competition, convert 2% of the traffic into a lead and pay $150 per unqualified lead.

Conclusion: Google Adwords cost per click is relative to conversion rate and value per sale.

2.    My website traffic is up 300%

The report looks great however how many businesses grow their sales by 300% in a quarter? Not many.

When this happens you need to watch out for unqualified traffic which your website or sales team cannot convert. This can result in sales going backwards as the sales team are spending time on the wrong types of leads.

3.    My website conversion rate is incredible at 20%

In general only emergency response or niche businesses convert at these numbers. Many websites provide white paper downloads, free-books which convert at 20%. However, how many of these soft leads turn into actual qualified enquiries.

Soft conversions without good follow-up can turn into very expensive leads.

4.    My click-through-rate (CTR) is incredible

Advertise the lowest price, use the word ‘free’, feature images of “abs” in Facebook and your CTR will be amazing. However, if the number is an unusually high number it is more a reflection of the creative message, not the sales result.

5.    Re-marketing is annoying and does not convert

Most people buy products on their 2nd or 3rd visit to the same website in 2017. We see plenty of display re-marketing banners that influence us, but we don’t always click on them.

So if your re-marketing campaign is not converting, it might be converting through 2nd and 3rd click brand organic traffic. We see this with many of our clients.

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