The Real Cost of Choosing SEO Companies on Price

SEO pricing is tricky because campaign costs from one firm to the next are all over the board. There is no standard pricing model, no minimum as it seems there is no limit to how low some companies will go while the maximum charged by some firms reaches the $10,000s. These price differentiations are influenced by reputation, size and expertise of the company, investment in products & human resources and various other factors.

Many businesses make the unfortunate mistake of purchasing SEO on price. However, rarely do they seem to factor in the cost, if the SEO decision they are making is the wrong one. Should you really do the work in-house rather than outsourcing? Can that company really offer what they claim they will accomplish at a rate of $20 per hour?

SEO rankings and your website

The Cost of the SEO itself

The most obvious cost is that of the SEO service itself. This cost is finite and quantifiable. So, if the service was not that expensive then all you’ve lost is a few hundred dollars right? Wrong.

Opportunity Cost

The goal of the SEO was to drive your website into top rankings on the search engines, but you find yourself far from this when you realise you made a poor choice in SEO company . How much time has been lost working with a company that could never keep its promises? How many potential clients or revenue did you lose by not appearing higher in the rankings when you could have already been there?

Penalisation by the Search Engines

If you selected an SEO company at a low price point and their methods were not strictly legitimate, your site could certainly risk being penalised by the search engines. Penalisation could mean that your site is de-indexed or it is ranking lower now than it was before engaging the SEO firm.

Shunning SEO

Abandonment of the concept of SEO and notpursuing services from a reputable company is probably the single highest cost of not doing SEO. The potential revenue that high search engine rankings could deliver to your websites is difficult to match to any other advertising medium. Deciding that a service is useless after one poor experience is like never going to eat out again at a restaurant because of a poorly prepared meal at one establishment.

Before you say, ‘SEO does not work’ or ‘SEO is not for me’, consider the potential revenue value of profitable keywords promoting your business name at the top of the search results.

Then, consider speaking with a reputable company such as to drive your business into top search engine positions!

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