The ROI Wrap: Is Bad Web Design Killing Your SEO?


Edition 6

Welcome to the ROI WRAP – our snack-sized regular roundup of news, views, tips and tricks from the most influential and authoritative minds in digital marketing from around the globe.

Every week our Content Team will dig deep into the endless resources of the Net to bring you the best blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts and much more to help drive your online business forward. We’ll also slip in our take on where you should be focusing your efforts in the fast changing digital marketing environment.


Could your web design and layout be killing your online business? Poor web design can affect traffic and rankings. Our article of the week sheds light on techniques – such as endless scrolling and hamburger menus – that might be costing you.

This week we also float some unique ideas to freshen up your digital marketing strategy. In his blog Steve Olenski suggests mining for data “like you would mine for gold”! Read more below to find out why. And find out how to turn your employee’s love of social media into a business advantage.

If your business is relying on Pay Per Click, we have an article that explains how Auction Insights – a free Adwords tool – can help you beat your competition.

And speaking of tools, don’t miss the best free tools for Facebook marketing.

As usual, we highlight our Tweets of the Week and have a new episode of Digital TV. This week, digital manager David Pocock talks about Caveman SEO and how to avoid it. It’s well worth the watch.


Tweets Of The Week






5 Techniques That May Be Killing Your Website (and SEO)

Many businesses are misunderstanding site design and layout techniques, which can affect traffic and site position. Don’t miss this piece to make sure you’re not one of them.


6 Ideas To Shake Up Your Digital Marketing

Is your digital marketing strategy starting to look stale? Start a podcast and five other tips to freshen up your strategy.


Spy vs. Spy: 4 Tips to Use Auction Insights for Smarter PPC

If you’re struggling with Cost Per Click and conversion volume, competitors may be making moves against you. Tools such as Auction Insights can help. Read on to find out how.




How to Optimize Blog Images for Maximum Impact on Social Media and Search

Did you know that visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media? Find out the mistakes you might have been making when it comes to images.


4 Tips to Make Content Marketing Part of the Customer Journey

Jason Miller, the Senior Manager of Content Marketing at LinkedIn, gives his four tips for producing better website content.




How Influencer Marketing Can Improve Your SEO

More than half of all traffic is organic. Learn how to make this work in your favour with tips and actionable plans.


Essential Tips for Turning Employees Into Social Media Ambassadors

Don’t kick your employees off social media during office hours . . . embrace it! Read on to find out how this helps your business.


7 Free Facebook Tools Marketers Should Consider

Do you want learn how to create a Facebook ads report? Or improve your audience targeting? This article lists the tools you need and more.


Quote From The ROI Digital Manager


David Pocock: “A lot of people are telling me that SEO is dead, keywords are dead. That is just not the case, it’s still well and truly alive. It’s just the game has changed.” A lot has changed since 2011, when websites built in Flash ranked highly simply because they were built using Flash. Today, SEO is a lot more challenging.

Next Generation SEO: Latest Tips and Techniques


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