The Unprecedented Growth of the Internet

As you near the end of the 2005-06 financial year you are perhaps starting to implement budgets and a marketing plan for the next year. In the last year you may have noticed that the Internet has received more airtime on the news with the dawn of giants YouTube, MySpace and the Facebook revolution taking the world by storm with a projected 48 million users by 2010. While considering these facts, you may pause and consider your business’ online presence. Maybe it is time to add that column for ‘online marketing’ spend.

The ‘Global Village’ just got smaller

The number of Internet users worldwide has reached 1.133 million, which represents 17.2% of the world population with Internet growth rate of about 115 % and Internet penetration of 68.2.(Market

The digital advertising market in Australia crossed the $1billion sales barrier for the first time in 2006. Search led the way, as per the Online Advertising Expenditure Report from the Audit Bureau of Verification Services (ABVS). Search and directories advertising shot up by 81.4 percent to $399 million, resulting in 40 percent market share.
( and Travel Distribution News)

“Internet usage as a means to research and book travel will continue to increase as technology and users become more sophisticated. Competition will increase and companies that are able to invest in travel research and booking feature improvements, targeted promotions and robust CRM programs will reap the greatest benefits.” This statement is an extract from a report provided by the company; Research and Markets. This same report projects that 30% of all travel bookings originate on the Internet.

The ball’s in your court

As the marketing value of the Internet continues to grow, the recent statement by Bill Gates “advertising is rapidly migrating to the Internet” could not be truer.

Australia finds itself in the early stages of the search marketing revolution, and as is true of theory, it is the ‘early adopters’ or ‘innovators’ who will lead the way and build an indisputable brand presence online.

So when you consider your marketing strategy for the new financial year and start allocating that finite budget, ask yourself whether your online presence is giving your business the highest possible return. If you have any doubts, the team at is well equipped to evaluate your marketing strategy and help you develop & implement a plan that will increase your online presence in 2007 and beyond.

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