The Web as a Cost-effective Force Multiplier for Small Business

Your website offers efficiencies which lead to further business growth

Whether you are an offline business or a planned online business, the web offers unmatched benefits to expand your reach and enhance your marketing /sales pitch. Online web operations also enrich your customer service experience, create significant operational efficiencies and saving – both in the short as well the long term.

As businesses increasingly rely on their web presence, organisations – irrespective of their size have little or no option but to join the web-wagon or be left behind. A website is not just an informational tool but performs the following strategic roles:

• Important component of promotional initiatives and strategy

• An adaptive tool that helps in accomplishing your business and organisational mission

• A global representation of your business and personality

• An effective Force Multiplier that consistently boosts staff and service effectiveness

For an organisation, the web provides unique win-win benefits as it enables your business to work silently, non-stop 24X7, providing user friendly operational conveniences to your customers, that offline measures just cannot match. A website today is not just a promotional tool or a brand demonstrator, but an unavoidable business asset that customers demand – in today’s ‘pull economy’ (where businesses thrive by responding to informed customer needs).

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Smart Benefits

A website is an online extension of your business where you display your products, announce your services and even recruit partners / employees. Just like an offline shop / office, the website can enable and accept transactions and can act as a virtual assistant tracking customer preferences and revenues. A well designed and effectively maintained/updated website or online portal/ presence is a proven force-multiplier offering the following benefits:

Provides a level playing field: regardless of your business size/operations, the website gives you the same global access to targeted customers as big businesses with global offices —all from your home (no office required).

Work force multiplier: A well written ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section on your website can answer most customer queries, while a chat facility can replace expensive telephone conversations.

Enables “Always Available- 24 Hours” presence of business: This offers unmatched self service convenience to your prospects and customers – physical presence of the business owner is not needed.

Project a technically savvy brand positioning: Businesses today need to assure customers that they are technically well equipped to deliver business process innovations. A customer focused website makes this possible cost effectively.

Enhances customer communications: The web allows customers to easily interact with business owners through the e-mail system. This removes the need to use irritating and time consuming multi-layered automated telephone systems.

Create win-win relationships: Communicating with customers on a regular basis about website content updates, blogs, online newsletters and internet advertising helps create a relationship with customers and partners.

Delivering flexible advertising options: Once a print media advertisement is printed, no one can change it. While on the internet we can change the online advertising pitch as per the business’ evolving needs.

Enhance marketing strategies: Web savvy customers can be cost effectively convinced by smart promotions on your website. In fact you can use cheaper print media measures to lead prospects to your website, where you can explain the offer in detail. You can also track the overall effectiveness of your brand promotion and marketing initiatives.

Make your marketing material refreshing: Businesses can effectively change online promotions every few months. This allows businesses to go beyond stale offline brochures, enabling fresh disbursal marketing material with updated information.

Enable customers to shop conveniently and securely: An e-commerce facility provided on the website allows customers to compare price-benefit ratios, and even make secure purchases on the website.

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