Think Outside The Box With Facebook Remarketing

Thin Outside the box

FACEBOOK can be a gift that keeps giving for savvy marketers who know how to tap into its power.

But much of its potential is not immediately obvious unless you are prepared to think outside the box.

Remarketing, for instance, remains a mystery to most businesses – and the bulk of participants are missing a number of simple tricks that could send their ROI into the stratosphere.

In 2014 Facebook introduced website custom audiences, which enables advertisers to reach specific people who view specific web pages and take specific actions.

It is much more than a one trick pony. When combined with the power of audience profiling and quality content, Facebook remarketing opens the door to a number of mouth-watering strategies.

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All Website Visitors

Casting a net

The first and easiest play is to setup an audience that throws a net over anyone who lands on any page of a website over a set period (up to the last 180 days) and fires up their Facebook account.

This strategy works well for building a following – whether that is growing a Facebook Community or increasing subscribers to an email database – and driving traffic back to the website.

The more recently the visitor has viewed a website, the more inclined they should be to Like a Facebook Page, subscribe to an email newsletter or return to explore a website further.

Facebook advertising strategist Jon Loomer describes this as his “stupid-proof target group”.

“I now prefer this user to the typical fan who may not have otherwise visited my website recently,” he said

The default timeframe for this audience is 30 days, which means a Facebook ad could be shown to anyone who visited the website over the past month.

Loomer says websites with low traffic volumes should increase the timeframe, while high traffic sites can capitalise on shorter periods to reach the most recent visitors.

“This is going to reach the smallest group of people, but while your content is fresh in their minds,” he says.

Segmented Remarketing

market segmentation

The second website custom audience targets “People who visit specific web pages”.

A little more planning needs to go into this at the website architecture level, with clear categories included in the URL structure.

On the homepage of the website, for example, there are clear entry points to the four key services we offer – Google Adwords/Paid Advertising, SEO, Web Design and Content/Social Media Marketing.

A fifth category takes visitors through to our blog, which itself has a number of its own sub-categories that relate to content about the different products and services we offer.

This is where the power of personalisation kicks in. With this remarketing option, can target website visitors with interests in specific products and services for particular campaigns.

For example, in April sought to engage with businesses whose websites weren’t mobile-friendly after Google announced major changes to it’s mobile search algorithm.

Using this remarketing option, visitors to the mobile-friendly pages were targeted with updates and news about the impact  as the changes were rolled out.

For retail and E-commerce websites, tailoring ads through Facebook to people who have viewed specific category pages drives relevant and recent traffic back to the website.

“I recommend you create website custom audiences for every main category of your website. This could be by content category or main navigation items,” Loomer says.

If you want to get creative, build a custom remarketing list to advertise on Facebook to people who visit website landing pages.

Confirmation Pages and Exclusions

Exclusive content

Remarketing to  people who have completed a lead form, made a purchase or subscribed to a newsletter can be useful for upselling, act as a reminder for repeat business or alert a previous customer about a special offer.

Targeting visitors to a landing page who did not progress to a lead, registration or sale is also possible by using exclusions in the Facebook remarketing code.

If your main game is to build an email subscription list or traffic to a blog, Facebook can build a list of visitors who had read specific posts on specific subjects and advertise the latest blogs on those topics to the same people again.

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Using Facebook profiling to build Lookalike audiences, it is possible to reach tens of thousands of people with similar interests who don’t subscribe to your newsletter and haven’t read your blog. What an amazing way to create a new audience!


customer engagement

Facebook remarketing can also re-connect with people who haven’t visited a website for a while.

Selecting “People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time” and choosing “30 days” targets people who have viewed a web page in the last six months but not in the last month.

A timely reminder of an event, a looming deadline or a seasonal offer could all re-ignite engagement from prospects who have switched off from your brand or just needed a prod.

As this article has demonstrated, remarketing to website visitors through Facebook brings several tantalising opportunities to the table.

Huge benefits can accrue from employing the strategies we’ve discussed, such as:

  • Higher click-through rates on advertising campaigns
  • Lower cost per acquisition
  • Higher engagement rates
  • More conversions
  • More repeat business
  • More word of mouth opportunities through increased social proof because of the potential to access and harness bigger communities

The upside is limitless. And we haven’t started to explore the power of integrating Facebook’s custom audiences with survey and other personalised data that most businesses collect from their customers. More on that soon.

Want to talk about how Facebook remarketing can help your business?  Talk to an expert today to learn how we can help you drive qualified traffic to your website and increase conversions. 


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