Tips on writing effective advertisements in Google AdWords

Crisp AdWords Ads

Google AdWords are keyword-based sponsored (paid) advertisements which appear as the top two or three results, or on the right-hand side of a search results webpage. Advertisers are charged a fee (ranging from 5 cents, to tens of dollars) each time a visitor clicks on the ad.

AdWords copy rules permit you to write one line for the headline (up to twenty-five characters) and two lines for body-copy (up to thirty-five characters), taking into account spaces that count as a character.

These limitations highlight the need for the ads to be crisp and have persuasive copy to create the right impact. This AdWords space has little room for garbage as compact writing delivers better traffic results. In fact a well-written Google AdWords ad gets a faster approval by Google authorities. Ads that are written with purpose have a higher click-through rate and more responsive visitors. Astonishing how three lines of about seventy characters have such power!

The better the response rate of your Google AdWords Ad the less you pay!

Top tips on writing effective AdWords ads

1. Always use the ‘inverted triangle’ method of ad copywriting. Start with what you most want your web-visitors to grasp. Put this proposition into your copy – one that holds meaning for your target audience in a manner that is easily understood by them.

2. Use power words with a unique benefit or attention-grabbers that move the reader to click-through. Start with listing a feature and then mention the benefit of this feature to create the needed ‘pull’.

3. Always be truthful about the benefit mentioned in your attention-grabbers. Don’t say its “free” if there is a ‘catch’.

4. Be direct and get to the point straight away. Web visitors are usually short on time and patience as there are tons of web pages to be visited. Successful headlines generally say exactly what the customers seek.

5. Split-test the power of keywords on Google web-search results. Remember to test your versions; making changes to ads that perform poorly. Even a one-word change can boost your click-through ratio immensely. Poor performing ads could be dropped by Google.

6. Place square brackets around keywords and customise headlines. Keyword matches from search engine will be highlighted in the Google ad if you bracket the keyword. A dynamic headline could be customised to change according to searches.

7. Remove such unnecessary words like a, an, in, on, it, of, etc.

8. Boast about what makes you unique and try to offer something for a percentage less or at better price than competitive offers.

9. Get rid of freebie-seekers by putting deals / discounts at the end of the ad.

10. Intelligently use proven call-to-action words as they contain the required energy and emotion.
These power words and statements should compliment your service / product.

Remember that tight writing delivers higher sales conversions. This comes from identifying exactly what you want your targeted customers to do with the information you provide in ads. Not only will the ad click-through rate improve but also the self-monitored conversion ratio making your AdWords campaign achieve a better ROI.

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