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The average business website in Australia converts 1-2% of their search engine traffic into sales/sales leads. If your sales team converted 1-2% of their leads into sales, you would make a change, so why is your website any different?

In most cases doubling your website conversion rate to 3-4% is not only realistic, but can also happen quickly with the right approach and following the steps below.

Top 10 tips – Increasing your conversion rates

Make your website conversion rate a priority and get someone or a specialist company to own it. Improving your conversion rate generally requires a collaborative approach between sales, marketing, management and your web team.. all these departments can help provide valuable information to improve, but you need to allocate an owner to the goal if you want to see the best results.

Know your baseline performance. Divide your number of sales and sales leads by your number of non-branded website visitors per month. Non-branded website visitors helps you distinguish between new and existing customers.

Focus on the extra 2%, not the 98% you are missing out on. You only need 2% improvement to double your conversion rate.. Stay focused. Target markets where your company is already strong, rather than trying to re-invent your business to appeal to every market segment.

Identify your “money” keywords. Segment those keywords which provide the highest quality opportunities and most profitable deals for your business.

Do some digging. Talk to your sales, marketing and customer service teams so you understand the needs of your most profitable customers a little better. Who are they, what are their needs, what are the most common questions asked by prospects, why are they buying from your organization. Now, you should understand your target market a little more and their motivations.

Check out your competition like your potential customers do – Google makes it easy for people to review companies and create a short list. You are in a competitive market and customers have lots of choice. Your website needs to be sharp and clearly illustrate why I should buy from you instead of another company.

Design website conversion pages – Use the information collected from your digging to create a website experience which talks to the needs of your customers, reflects your sales process and has a compelling offer.

Invest in “Testing” – The Internet makes it easy and fast to create different web pages with unique offers and presentation. Don’t believe in the one good idea. Create multiple pages, use different designs and test different offers to see which works best…. you just might be surprised which page your customers respond to best.

Drive more qualified traffic – Implement a targeted PPC and SEO campaign to increase the amount of “money” keyword traffic your website receives. Better quality traffic, equals better quality sales leads, better sales results and a more profitable business.

Give the best leads to your best sales people – Know the conversion rates of your sales team. Match the best leads to your sales staff with the best conversion rates. The best sales staff will not only bring in the $$, they should also provide feedback on how your marketing efforts can keep improving.

Like many things in business it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. roi.com.au is the fastest growing SEO company in Australia and we have helped many companies double their profits through improved conversion rates through search marketing and PPC services. If you would like a free consultation on your business, give us a call on 1300 650 274.

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