Top 3 Social Media Changes in 2012

Following on from our Key Digital Trends in 2012 article, the team at has put together a more specific reflection on social media throughout this year. In the same way that it is optimal to keep a strong focus on your website’s SEO progress, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of the trends that have developed social media to its current standpoint over the last 12 months and the way it affects your business.

1. Social media sites start seeing the bigger picture

Instagram logo

This year seemed to have a strong focus on images. Although Pinterest was launched as far back as 2010, and even established an iPhone app in March 2011, this year has really seen┬áthis interactive website boom. With more people pinning and repinning pins to their pin boards than ever before, Pinterest has been launched into the top 5 most used social media platforms. This is quite an impressive feat when you consider the much more established competitors it’s up against.

This isn’t the only example of impressive imagery, though; Instagram has rapidly grown in popularity in 2012. It even grabbed the attention of the king of social media, Facebook, when they bought the rights for Instagram on August 14. If a picture truly is worth a thousand words, it’s clear that the combined millions upon millions of registered users for Pinterest and Instagram have a lot to say!

2. Facebook shakes things up with timeline

Whenever Facebook makes a change, things can get a little ugly amongst users. This year they made one of their most major changes since the website’s inception, the dreaded timeline. Greeted by a chorus of grumbling users, this was not a popular change by any means.

However, one thing that has become very apparent about timeline is its major benefits for businesses and marketing. From being creative with life events, to being able to pay to promote posts, businesses now have plenty of ways to maximise their Facebook page’s online presence.

3. YouTube rewards videos that keep users watching

In October this year, YouTube made quite a major announcement about a change in their algorithm and the way that videos are ranked in searches. In a nut shell, this change meant that videos are ranked based on how much time users spend watching them, as a way of trying to reward engaging content.YouTube Logo explaining Algorithim changes

This meant that businesses trying to market through YouTube not only had to contend with ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ on their videos, but also had to ensure their audio visual material was good enough for consumers to not click away.

What does this mean for your business in 2013?

There are two major themes that we can see from these trends; social media is of major importance in society and is certainly not going anywhere, and businesses really need to start being creative with their online marketing.

Utilising social media for your company means much more these days than simply having a Facebook page and possibly a Twitter account. With the increase of social media platforms, so too is there an increase in possible ways to reach your audience.

2013 will undoubtedly see many new contenders, some failing and some seeing inexplicable growth. There will also be plenty of new features and ways in which you can creatively promote your business. The best way to make 2013 a year of successfully improving your online presence is by staying on top of social media changes, thinking outside the box and, most importantly, engaging with your users as much as you can!



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