Top Facebook Advertising Tip for 2015


FACEBOOK advertising is a quick and affordable way for businesses of all sizes to expand reach and boost sales.

But most Facebook advertisers are failing to capitalise on their biggest asset – reconnecting with prospects who have already engaged with their brand on another channel.

Facebook gives marketers another crack at communicating with people who clicked through to a website but did not become a lead or a sale because they hadn’t completed their research or got distracted and left the site.

Remarketing works wonders in conjunction with Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimisation strategies by keeping a business front of mind without people knowing they are being marketed to.

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Our social media marketing specialists can easily grab the code from Facebook and pass it to our web team to place it on every page of your website to make sure visitors who don’t convert aren’t forgotten.

In combination with custom audiences businesses can remarket to people who have subscribed to email lists, registered for special offers or already Liked their Facebook business page.

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These segments can also be expanded into larger prospect lists using Facebook’s powerful reach capabilities, which can find thousands more people who have similar profiles to the people who have already shown an interest in your products.

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