Top Five Underrated Twitter Tools



Bitly is more than just a link-shortening service. You can also see the stats for any Bitly links you share.

As an added bonus, you can even create your own custom short domain to match your brand so you can have your own message or branding in the links you post.


  • Number of times your shortened URL was clicked on
  • Number of times other shortened versions of the same page were clicked on
  • Referring sites / applications from which your shortened URL was clicked
  • Country of the users who are clicking on your shortened URL

Screenshot of Bitly website


The Topsy search is more powerful than the standard and advanced Twitter search.

Use it to find the most influence users for any topic. Eg: If you want the lowdown on public transport in Melbourne, Topsy will show Twitter’s leading influencer on that subject.


  • Review all the shares of a piece of content including shares by key influencers
  • Find influencers on a specific topic
  • Find all content from a person or influencer on a specific topic
  • Find all tweets from a user linking to a specific site and the links they are sharing
  • Find sentiment scores for a brand and track over time
  • Undertake detailed analytics tracking for keywords or sites

Screenshot of Topsy website


When should you post your tweets in order to reach the most users? That could be anyone’s guess — unless you use Tweriod. This free service analyses your Twitter account and then tells you the best times to Tweet.

The free version of Tweriod is limited to 1,000 followers and only lets you generate a report once a month.


  • Shows you what times you have the most exposure, and breaks it out into specific days of the week
  • Also shows you what time most of your followers are online

Screenshot of Tweriod website


TwitterFeed is one of the most popular tools people use to connect RSS feeds so that posts are automatically posted from selected external RSS feeds.

It’s not for everyone. The Twitter purists will argue that automating Twitter is bland and lacks real engagement.

But systematic tweets are always better than no tweets at all. So it’s a solid option for time poor users looking to boost Twitter activity.


  • Curates relevant content for your audience automatically
  • Add a RT @username or via @username so you let the source know you’re always tweeting their posts

Screenshot of TweetFeed website

Rite Tag

You can plug in a hashtag and see Rite Tag’s feedback on its  popularity as well as suggestions for some alternatives to try.

Many topics have multiple hashtags, so it’s simple but effective way to cover all bases.

It doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 100,000 followers – if you include the right hashtag in your tweet or status update, it will potentially be exposed to millions of eyeballs (not just your followers).


  • Determines which hashtags will increase the chances of a tweet’s discovery
  • Option to set up email alerts for relevant trending hastags
  • Audit your past tweets to find the most effective hashtags

Screenshot of Rite Tag website

What apps do you to manage your Twitter account? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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