Top Reasons Your Small Business should be on Google+

Top Reasons Your Small Business should be on Google Plus

What is this Google+? A common question we are are being asked. How is it going to benefit a small Australian local business, is it worth the time an effort which social media often demands.

In short, Google+ is an important social media, because it is developed by Google, one of the Internet’s favourite brands and one of the most influential web presence to date — Google logs 2 billion searches a day, approximately 300 million people use Google a day.

Here are the top reasons for using Google+ if you are a small business:

1. Get an SEO Boost (isn’t that what we are all striving for):

Use circles to gain referral access to people otherwise invisible to your influence. By sharing a circle of users based around a certain topics or products, including yourself within, your Google+ page will be added to people outside of your view on Google+. Not only will that mean that your content will be seen within their stream and seen by those following them, when that user is logged into Google+ and using the standard Google search, your businesses relevant content will be given precedence in search ranking result. Instant SEO! Also, Using a +1 button on your pages or products, also gives you instant insight into peoples impressions of your business .

2. Hangout!:

Hangouts offer an amazing opportunity for business to engage in a highly personal way with clients, customers and industry thought leaders. In addition it also opens up the opportunity for employees in remote locations to hold team meetings to brainstorm with one another from an interface that affords them immediate and easy access to share and collaborate on relevant documents and spread sheets.

3. Expand your Distribution and influence:

Google+ is immediate, like with search results being influenced by who the user is following on Google+ (if singed in), gaining a following on Google+ happens much quicker than on other platforms. An example is where I company took over a year to receive 1000likes on Facebook, but only weeks to have that number of people circle them back.

4. Connect with Likeminded Early Adopters:

If your business falls in the Internet or technology industries, Google+ could be a great place to connect a tech-savvy audience. Find yourself around likeminded individuals, 100million users is a small population in comparison to Facebook’s or twitters faithful, but it’s a select audience — 80% of which is male, and from a technology background.

5. Target your Unique Audience:

Google+ really shines in the way that you can select the audience to which you share specific content. “The obvious benefit of Google+ is that it allows us to share content directly with those certain groups of followers.

6. Personal Networking:

Create a personal Google+ account as well as a company page, and use that personal account to share and network with people. It’s amazing the kind of deeper business connections you can make just by knowing that someone has just had a recent newborn or supports the Essendon football club. The “About” section of a contact’s Google+ profile is usually a great place to start.

7. Take a look around, you might like it:

Google+ is still in the shadow of some of its bigger rivals, but it is quickly growing and gaining a much more unique user base and experience. It also has the giant platform of Google behind it, which is unlikely to allowing Google+ to fail. Google has such a n impact on the way people find relevant information on the net, Google+ will soon become significant in combining social and search. Become an early adopter to ensure your business isn’t left behind.

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