Tracking and Analysis for Better Rankings

Q. If I implement site tracking, measuring and analysis, how does this help us achieve better rankings?

A. Data is very important for most industries. When looking at SEO and website analysis measuring data is crucial. Implementing these alone won't help achieve better rankings, but the changes and work we do against the data will.

Tracking this information on a website will give us a much better understanding of the not only the industry, but what your customers are looking for – most significantly what Google finds relative to your website for the respective search. It will show you what search term was used in Google to get to your website, how long the user has spend on your website, the percentage of new users coming through on those search terms and also the percentage of users who click out of the website before looking at other pages. It is also handy to compare current data with past data, not only for Google but from other websites that your customers are coming from to find your website. This tool is called Google Analytics.

Through using this tool you are able to identify trends and more popular search terms. Focusing on search terms that are generating a decent amount of traffic should see a positive within your Google ranks. So basically, track the data, identify the trends and search terms relating back to your website and then implement a strategy to work with those search terms that are currently pointing back to your website. It is very important to know what is driving attention around your website so you can capitalise on that and at the same time to identify areas that need improvement. If your website has site tracking, measuring and analysis tools it will give you a much better idea of what needs to be done to achieve better rankings.

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