Wake Up! Treating Mobile like Desktop is Costing you Money

Five areas your mobile campaign is missing the mark and wasting your budget

If the Hummingbird Algorithm and the ramping up of ‘not provided’ keyword data has informed anything in the PPC realm it is that in digital marketing user intent is everything.

Shopping In Store Online

Nowhere is this idea more relevant than in the area of mobile PPC. Every day I see mobile advertisement campaigns that don’t treat smartphone search any differently to search on a desktop. Nearly everyone would use their phone for search on a daily basis but don’t seem to let their personal experience, or even common sense, inform their mobile advertising strategy.

Your ads should reflect the user difference between mobile and desktop search. Below are five effective ways you can deliver more conversions simply by using the context of mobile browsing as your guide.

1. Embrace Click-To-Call

If you are a business that relies on people ringing you, using the click to call function is a must. Mobile internet is inconsistent and can be slow to load page, so delivering a clear action in just one click is a huge advantage to an ad that requires you to visit destination URL first. The function will not suit all business but for many, such as emergency locksmiths or hotel bookings, click-to-call is an instant improvement for your mobile campaign.

2. Write Copy That Reads FAST!

On-the-go advertising needs on-the-go ad copy. People are in a hurry when they are on a mobile, so make the message short, punchy and to the point. The instinct can be to use all available character spaces but experiment with the white space. Fewer words give the user information quicker.

3. Use Map Extensions

Running a campaign that only targets people within a 10-20km radius is a good way to generate some extra foot traffic. People searching for products and services on their phone are often looking for answers ‘now’, so capitalise on their impulse and let them know you’re nearby.

4. Think About Predictive Search

Everyone uses predictive search on a mobile, because it delivers results faster. It is easier to tap a predictive result than continue hammering away on a tiny keyboard. Take this into account when writing your ad copy, using online tools such as ubersuggest to help you find those magic mobile keywords.

5. Timing Is Everything

Think about who is going to be searching for your product on their mobile and when. What is your demographic? During the working day you’re more likely to find construction workers and other outside one-the-go jobs using their mobile internet, while office workers will be on a desktop all day and more likely use their phone on their way home or in front of the TV. To many campaigns waste money by displaying ads at times that will never convert. Think about your audience and only show your ads to people who are going to buy.

Tablets Conversion Rates

Most mobile purchase decisions are influenced by context and environment not just the size of the screen. Providing the right people with the right ads at the right time and place is the key to mobile advertising and delivering your business more conversions.

Be creative. Maybe ad groups for your mobile phone should be split up into different contexts. Giving different ad copy to someone who is in your store or local area could be different to giving ad copy to someone who is sitting at home browsing what you have. And the most important final (bonus) point is:

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Opt Out Of Mobile

It is a massive part of the online marketing world but if your business does not suit mobile advertising, then why waste money on mobile ads? Many e-commerce sites or high level purchases, just aren’t decisions that are made on mobiles and opting out may be the right call to make.


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