TV advertising v’s internet advertising

This article dates back to 2007, for more up-to-date information visit out latest article on the value of Internet Advertising versus TV Advertising.

Free to Air television clearly has the most reach of any advertising media with virtually every Australian household having a TV set. It is therefore no surprise that most companies advertising on TV are large national corporations with multi-million dollar brands.

You will generally need a minimum of $20,000 to invest in a television campaign which would provide you state-wide coverage and would be broadcast outside the prime-time period of 6-10pm. Allow for extra costs for the production of the commercial.

Latest Trends in Australian TV advertising/usage:

– The average Australian household spends between 3-5 hours watching TV
– Approximately 94% of Australians will tune in to the TV at least once a week
– Spending on TV advertising grows at the steady rate of 5-6% per year.
– Interestingly, the TV watching behaviour of Australians under 24 has reduced by more than 10% over the past 10 years with younger people now spending a greater portion of their time using other devices such as the Internet, music, movies and video games.

Key Stats

– More than 33% of Australians tune in to TV viewing between 6-10pm, more than 60% tune in between 7-9pm.
– Approximately 94% of viewers will tune in each week.

Benefits of TV Advertising

– Very High reach providing branding benefits, suits big brand marketers with big budgets
– Powerful medium for impact and recall
– Expensive to produce and to broadcast

Future Trends in TV

– A large increase in Pay TV, broadband and mobile usage for entertainment is now a serious threat to TV usage levels.

Comparing Television Advertising to Internet Advertising

If you do not want to risk spending $20,000+ on advertising your business the Internet is the perfect advertising medium to directly target your audience and gain new business cost effectively.
Starting from as little as 10% of the required TV advertising budget, the team at will create and manage a successful online marketing campaign for your business. Your business can immediately start reaching potential customers who are interested in purchasing your products/services.

Some amazing statistics about Internet Usage in Australia

– In the year 2000, 6.6 million Australians were using the Internet. In the year 2005 there was over 14 million Australians online, that is 68% of the population.
– The Australian Internet advertising industry grew at 67% in 2005/2006 due to the outstanding value for money the medium offers advertisers.
– Recent research from Neilson Net Ratings in Jan 2006 highlights that the average Australian Internet user at work is spending more than 39 hours per month online – which is almost 2 hours per day.

Summary: The Internet is a serious sales channel in 2007. What % of your marketing budget have you allocated to the Internet? Does it match the massive growth in Internet usage? The team at are well equipped to help your business harness the power of the Internet in their Australian based and tailored SEO strategy services.

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