Twitter Launches Follow Button

The latest social media button for Australian businesses to be aware of

There’s another social media button for website owners to be aware of after Twitter officially announced the introduction of their Follow button, which will be integrated into websites and blog articles to allow Twitter users to instantly follow the publisher without having to click through to the relevant Twitter page and then click follow.

Prior to the launch of this Follow button, Twitter users had to leave the site they were on and visit the relevant Twitter page in order to follow and add that Twitter user to the list of sites they followed. Now they can do it just by clicking on the button on the site, but they still need to be logged in to Twitter in order for that Twitter account to be added to the list of accounts they follow.

The Twitter follow button is already live on over 50 high profile celebrity websites and major news, music and sports sites in the US including, Fox Sports, CBS News,, Yahoo! and The Wall Street Journal. This base will ensure the Follow button is exposed to millions of web users on a daily basis and as a result is likely to have a knock-on effect in terms of how quickly use of the Follow button spreads.

What is the objective of the new Twitter follow button?

From Twitter’s stand point, heightening awareness and interaction amongst users and followers makes their product more valuable. They have made the new Follow button customisable and the high profile of existing subscribers to the new button is likely to drive its popularity amongst social media ‘experts’ and enthusiasts worldwide.

From a users perspective, the likelihood of following someone on Twitter is likely to increase if the Follow button is more visible and easier to access. As a result it’s likely to be successful, even though it gives webmasters and online marketers another snippet of code to add to their website.

Is Twitter’s Follow button relevant to my business?

The relevance of this for small to medium businesses in Australia will be determined by how much you actually use (or plan to use) Twitter. Many industries don’t use Twitter at all or any form of social media for that matter but the general trend amongst business owners is that they are interested in social media and the impact it can have on their business but time is inevitably a deciding factor in the commitment they make to it.

The Twitter follow button creates a permanent link between you and your target market. It can be used as a measure of loyalty and customer satisfaction with your brand over time, so the sooner you use it (like other elements of social media), the sooner you are likely to see some sort of actionable trend.

Investing resources into Twitter and other forms of social media can help to build a better profile of your target audience – a deeper understanding of what they are about.

We know that most small business owners don’t have the time to commit to the ever-growing list of social media endeavours – but that doesn’t diminish their relevance for modern marketers. Social media is becoming as important today as just being on the internet has been in recent years. There is a need to embrace the surge in popularity of social media – it does impact on search engine rankings and brand awareness, so even a small effort is better than no effort at all.

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