Understanding Corporate Blogging

Corporate Blogging Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Online Presence

The online space presents countless opportunities for Australian businesses from SMB’s through to large corporate organisations. The key to sustaining success in the online sphere is remarkably similar to offline – techniques such as differentiation are a key element of demonstrating your superior quality and blogging presents an opportunity for Australian businesses to stand out from the pack as some form of industry leader or authoritative industry power.

Social media and interactivity are key drivers of online success – staying popular amongst your target market is increasingly important in a competitive market place. Sharing insights and views on emerging industry developments with customers and potential customers allows businesses to stand apart from competitors less willing to invest in building goodwill with customers.

Regularly blogging useful information to clients encourages them to come back and it keeps your business in the mind of your target market – which makes it more likely that they will turn to you when they need your product or service.

Blogging of course has another element – your SEO strategy. Keeping your business at or near the top of Google searches for topics related to your industry helps to extend the reach and longevity of your brand so keeping abreast of the news and proactively addressing it in your blog can have a dual benefit.

Corporate Blogging Tips From roi.com.au

Here are a few tips that can assist your business in creating and maintaining a successful blog:

Regular Posts: Establishing a blog and posting sporadically is a mistake. People won’t return to read your blog if there are no routine additions to it. One post a fortnight for a year I much more effective than one post a day for a month.

Establish Guidelines: An editorial guide on what to blog about and the tone to write is a must. Leaving something like this to individual bloggers will result in personalities and preferences shining through, which may be inconsistent with what your brand represents.

Select Bloggers Carefully: Don’t get office juniors to blog. They may misrepresent your business and negatively affect your brand – where they must blog, ensure an experienced senior proofreads and edits their blog post before posting.

Avoid Sales Pitches: The credibility of what you are blogging will suffer significantly if every second sentence says “choose us, we’re great”. Be informative above all else – this will establish trust a breed a community of people who believe in your brand, the effect of which will be more positive than grabbing one sale through your blog.

Encourage Comments: Discussion and debate may not always be 100% positive but encouraging comments and debate demonstrates transparency and a will to improve. It also keeps your brand in the minds of customers. It’s important to put parameters on comments to ensure competitors are not being deliberately disruptive.

Promote your Blog: Use social media, e-mail signatures and other marketing material to actively promote your blog as a source of trustworthy information. As the word spreads, your brand will become respected as a source of information in your industry.

SEOMoz.org are our industry’s example of great corporate blogging

If readers of this are skeptical about the impact blogging can have, look to SEOMoz.org as a great example of enhancing the value of a brand through blogging.

Within our industry SEOMoz.org/blog has demonstrated the effect of blogging to great effect. Debate and discussion is natural and transparent and SEO professionals from around the globe flock to their blog regularly for insightful information on what does and doesn’t work in the world of SEO. Regular SEO Tips such as Whiteboard Friday are followed religiously and it’s little wonder that they are recognised as a international authority in the field of SEO.

Establishing that level of authority within your industry won’t happen overnight. It will be a slow, inch-by-inch process but success will have a positive effect on your business. Committing resources to blogging will help your business and if your pondering it as a possibility, ask yourself – what would be the net effect of your leading competitor beating you to the punch?

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