Understanding Internet Advertising

The growth in the penetration and usage of the Internet across Australia’s population has seen the Internet Advertising industry grow at a phenomenal rate over the past 2- 3 years.

This is highlighted by the fact the Australian Internet Advertising industry now generates more revenue per year than both the Radio and Outdoor advertising industries.

What is Internet Advertising?

Internet Advertising is the process of using all different types of website marketing to generate a response from your target audience online. Internet advertising brings together the creative and technical components of the Internet, including website design, development, advertising and marketing.

Traditional methods of Internet Advertising include search engine marketing which is both pay per click advertising and search engine optimisation, banner advertising, email marketing, affiliate marketing and rich media advertising.

Each type of Internet Advertising detailed above is priced differently so it can be a good idea to gain some external advice to understand which method is most suitable for your business and will provide the best return.

Internet Advertising – What’s all the fuss about?

One of the reasons why Internet advertising and marketing has become so popular is that anyone with an idea, product or service can easily reach a huge global audience. The other great aspect of the Internet is you can be extremely targeted in your approach and be very specific in terms of the people you would like to reach. Quickly and easily you can attract people to your website with creative marketing, special offers and promotions.

Once people start clicking on to your website your challenge is to engage the Internet user in such a way that they are encouraged to leave their details to build a relationship with your company. This process is called your website’s sales lead conversion rate.

If you are selling items through an online store the goal of your Internet Marketing will be to encourage visitors to transact with your website. This is easier said than done. To achieve high website sales conversion rates you need to design a site which is easy to navigate, communicates your value proposition and makes it easy for the website visitor to purchase in a low number of clicks.

The best news about Internet advertising is your marketing efforts are accountable and easily measured. If managed properly you can view exactly what parts of your Internet Advertising campaign are resulting in the online sales leads and transactions. This level of detailed marketing information can help your business make smarter business decisions and achieve a much better return from your Internet Advertising investments.

Internet Marketing & Advertising is an extremely powerful method of communicating information about your products and services to a worldwide audience. The ease in which you can publish information on the Internet can save your businesses money by reducing your need to pay for a sales force.

The business case for Internet Advertising

Unlike traditional media such as television and radio advertising, the investment required into Internet advertising is relatively cheap. For a small amount of money and in a short period of time you can be selling your products and services to a worldwide audience.

If your business wants help harnessing the power of the Internet talk to the team at roi.com.au.

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