Understanding link building and how links can improve your search engine rankings

Quality Link: Your vote to online success

A link / hyperlink, is an online connection to your website that gets activated when users click on an external web-source: site, blog, forum, PPC ad, directories, news sites and articles. A link to a specific area of web-content on your website/ web page is regarded by search engines as a proven vote of confidence that others have in you.

Search engines are always striving to deliver more relevant search results and their crawler-algorithms consider links to a web-page from outside sources as sufficient evidence that the webpage is relevant to the searched phrase. Search engines in turn reward this fact by giving that particular webpage higher organic search engine page result rankings.

Beyond search engines, external links also help in spreading details of your website to other (relevant) target audiences. Either way having inboundl links always help in boosting traffic and brand equity of your business. However, we should never resort to unethical ways of building link-popularity as search engine crawlers are today smart enough to sift the genuine efforts from fake link ‘spamming’.

Fake or quick hit link building efforts can get your site banned or penalized from search engines. Search engines are always analysing the online neighbourhood’s your website links too.

Smart SEO Linking Strategy

Implementation of a quality and consistent linking program is proven to have a positive impact on your search engine rankings. Smart linking is all about making your web content more attractive to your target audience.

This means a successful link building actually forces you to come up with new ways to position your business offerings to different sets of audience, so you innovate and deliver targeted promotional content i.e. blog posts, press releases, focused articles, expert forum onions, well researched directory listing and content sharing agreement with other websites.

All this makes your website content more customer driven which is key to succeed in today’s online business world where external customer focus wins over sheer size. It pays to consider that not all high quality traffic may come from search engines as high paying/converting traffic may also be sent by your appointed affiliate partners (another back-link source).

We therefore recommend using several methods continuously to achieve the best ranking results from your link building efforts. In fact it is a proven fact the best approach for getting better SEO results is to leverage multiple methodologies to enhance the scope of your sites’ online exposure. You could also advertise on websites that can potentially send you traffic through backlinks on your ads e.g. banner ads on popular news sites or product download /retailing sites.

Another effective means of website promotion is to publish focused press releases that discuss great aspects of your business and you could syndicate expert articles that discuss your offerings. You should also consider link-exchanges with reputable and high quality websites regularly and try to attract them by using ideas within your press releases and articles. Be sure to keep the real link-bait on your website, although at times it may be worthwhile to give a little to receive relevant attention e.g. allowing free service for other website visitors in return for a backlink.

You could also tap into major digg news submitters to gain diggs to your website which will boost your site’s social popularity. Simply ask for diggs from business partners and reputable members of the Digg community.. Another option is to be featured by known bloggers and expose your website to your industry-forums/association webposts by being an active participant in their online/offline events. The best recommendation on long term link-building is to have a balanced approach across different measures as different types of external back-links are treated differently by search engines. In the event, if any search engine devalues a particular methodology (which happens) you link building efforts will continue to deliver sustainable results as you have all bases covered.

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