Understanding the Google Content & Adsense Network – Targeting your audience beyond search engines

Google and its remunerative, free services

Google is a market leader in the search engine usage both globally as well as locally in Australia. As the pioneer leader in the search engine stakes, Google is forever introducing new services to add to the convenience of its users which also help its corporate / professional clients. These services seek to raise the bar on the intelligent usage of the web. For example free services like Google analytics enable website owners to keep track of changing needs of their web visitors.

This enables you to tweak their websites ‘dynamically’ to suit the evolving needs of your audience. This not only increases popularity and conversion rates of websites but also makes the website more useful to web-users. All this endears Google to both website owners (allowing them to increase their web-popularity) as well as users (customising content dynamically). It is this single minded obsession of introducing smart web services and user-appealing innovations that keeps Google ahead of its competitors. No wonder Google lords over the web users market with the lion’s share of the search engine market.

Making Sense of Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an another pioneering idea that has changed the advertising revenue stakes for Google, while enhancing its user loyalty and exposure of PPC advertisements that use the Google advertisement network.

In the Google Adsense scheme website owners are allowed to carry select text advertisements, banner advertisements, video ads, and even gadget advertisements and on their web pages and in return are paid for the click throughs that occur on these web pages based PPC advertisements. This smart Google innovation is good for everyone. For the advertisers, they get the opportunity to implement contextual advertising which increases the exposure of their advertisements beyond search engine pages  and if the website is popular then the exposure to the advertisements is a great investment as there are no top page rankings and finicky ‘web searchers’ to bother about. Google does ensure that the Adsense advertisements do not clash with your own USP (no competitive advertisements).

For the participating website owners, it is not only a unique way to earn regular income from their website but also allows them to provide their visitors additional reasons to visit them as the text advertisements too are informative and often provide additional content and services to add to the main website’s offerings. For Google, it is a great way of increasing the brand and web exposure of their PPC advertisements, increasing advertisement revenue channels; and funneling part of this revenue back to website owners for increasing its brand loyalty (with advertisers, web surfers and website owners).

The Adsense network motivates website owners to enhance the SEO of their webpages through genuine content enhancement efforts (as any ‘fake’ content immediately disqualifies the website) to enable them to attract more web users for higher click throughs of the Adsense PPC advertisements. Smart website owners also place these PPC advertisements at places where they not only attract more attention but also blend with the ‘parent-webpage-content’. For example a sporting news website can carry the PPC advertisements of sports goods suppliers associated with the particular sport news – tennis racquets advertisements on the tennis news webpages. As the Adsense service is totally free, making money with zero risk was never so easy.


When implemented correctly contextual online advertising through the Google Adsense network represents a great opportunity to reach websites that speak to a similar demographic to your target market. However, you should be wary that many Google advertisers have wasted their budgets by setting up their campaigns with “run of site” placement on the Content Network. When this happens, the end result is lots of clicks and no sales. However, this does not mean the Google Content network cannot work for you, you just need help setting up the campign configurations correctly.

To make the most of the Google Content network opportunity, we recommend you enlist the help of experienced search engine marketing experts so you ensure you can closely measure the ROI of these Internet marketing programs.

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