Understanding the Technical Jargon of SEO

The basics of SEO are not difficult to understand

The internet is the most important modern means of promoting your business and the growing popularity of search engines with Internet users makes SEO (search engine optimisation) one of the most cost effective marketing strategies.

Proven SEO tactics enables your website and other web content (directory/forum/blog/PR postings) to reach interested prospects to increase sales or transaction opportunities. Globally benchmarked SEO measures allow you to configure your site in a manner that helps it to appear in the top rankings of popular search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo!

These top results are also known as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ search results as they appear in the middle of the search result pages and are not part of the paid results on the right hand side or top of search result pages. Recent studies reveal that almost 80% of web-searchers prefer to click natural search results over paid links.

Business decision makers need to keep themselves updated on evolving Internet Marketing trends and the latest SEO tactics.  Being ranked number 1 in Google these days is big business.
Understanding SEO and its emerging implications could be the difference between your firm thriving or faltering in a tough market environment.

Understanding commonly used SEO terminology

Here are some commonly used SEO terminologies that will equip you to better understand the search engine optimisation landscape:

1. Keyword Analysis & Competitive Analysis:
This is researching the number of searches made for hundreds of keywords relevant to your business. This is important because it is these popular keywords that make your site a darling of search engines. In the competitive analysis you find the competitiveness of different business-relevant keywords. For example you may prefer to focus on ‘Cairns Car Loans’ than to waste your time on generic keywords such as ‘Car Loans’. This is due to the fact that people who search for ‘Cairns Car Loans’ are far more likely to find your web-information useful then people in Sydney looking for car loans. Hence it’s important to focus on those keywords that give you the better long term ROI.

2. Onsite Optimisation: Here web marketing experts adjust your site’s ‘behind the scenes’ aspects to make it more relevant to the search engines. Technical aspects of your site that SEO companies work on are your site’s navigation structure, and include all tags (like title tags and meta tags), flash, html coding and JavaScript. SEO companies need to ensure that there are no broken links or ‘infinite loops’ in your website that could trap search engines’ crawlers /spiders.

3. Web-Content Analysis: In this we analyse the all the ‘crawlable content’ of your site e.g. words, video, images, etc. We see how well the structure of all this content is internally linked together. We should create ‘Content Silos’ of all the ‘themed content’ ensuring that there are sufficient keywords in every silo.

4. Sustained / Continuous Link Building:
This SEO methodology focuses on increasing your site’s Link Popularity & Link Relevancy. Link Building needs to be a continuous process for optimum ranking results.

In particular, SEO marketers go through a process of discovering different websites that are related to your own business, contact their owners, and negotiate favourable terms for a web-link with optimal website placement.  Some of the factors that need to be analysed for each linking-site are:

– Age of website
– Inbound link-profile
– Link placement on web-page
– Relevant words/text around the link
– Relevant content on the site
– ‘Co-citation’ / related-topical-neighbourhood
– Authority of outbound links on the web-page
– PageRank
– Alexa rating
– Homepage or Inner web-page
– Avoiding link traps e.g. nofollows / redirects.

At roi.com.au we understand the challenges faced by modern Australian businesses. It takes time to develop a comprehensive understanding of SEO, which will enable your company to generate a more consistent business growth from your online presence. Call roi.com.au today on 1300 650 274 to find out how.

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