Understanding Video Search Optimisation

Video hits big-time

The Internet is slowly and steadily permeating every aspect of our lives, from reading news online, to making telephone calls over the Internet and now watching video content. In fact the Top 3 video sites Google Video, YouTube and MySpace along with such rich media content sites like CNN.com and BBC.com now attract millions of visitors, and the volume of viewers is fast approaching TV audience numbers.  People generally use video for ‘self-entertainment’ and then spread the word around using viral marketing (word-of-mouth / social media networks). Links to your video content do result in some indirect online traffic, thus it helps to create a promotional video web page either for your product / service, or even showcasing unique video footage. In addition to creating traffic to your own website, you can also build your brand on the video sites itself (if you are into video content production e.g. video-journalist, film-maker). This video content has to be digitally compressed and then uploaded and should follow the technical format regulations of the video sites. To ensure that this video content gains from a higher video search ranking, the content needs to optimised adequately.

Getting Ahead with VSO

Video promotion on search sites is free, there are no charges as in pay-per-click advertising. Video search is also a great opportunity for effective reputation management and branding. Always upload your data with accurate keywords and keeping its prominence in play. Do add your transparent logo/watermark on all the frames. Some engines understand audio, so you should optimise your audio track. Other VSO activities include:

Accurate Title and Description: Giving the right details (or the objective you want to achieve through your video) should be mentioned upfront in both the title and short video description with the relevant focus on important keywords (as that is how the video will be searched).

Mention a helpful URL: Always have a useful URL that talks about you, your product and/or service in greater detail. Mention this URL towards the end of your text in the comments column and also display it clearly and boldly in your video (final frame).

Sensible Filename: Your video should have a sensible and descriptive filename with hyphens separating the words e.g. treating-pet-dogs.wmv

Correct Meta-tags Usage: Depending on your video format, it pays to add a title, description, mechanistic metadata and tags regarding the format, encoding quality and also a full text transcript. The more information you give, more often will you be visible in incoming searches.

Accurate RSS & MRSS: RSS or Really Simple Syndication (XML based) is a standard for publishing information that are time-oriented feeds. Media RSS (MRSS) is an extension of RSS that enables content publishers to widely distribute multimedia content descriptions / links on the Internet. Video Search Engines understand your video through accurate MRSS and RSS descriptions.

Advantage VMO

Businesses either have monetised videos (saleable content) or promotional videos. However, it is important to generate viewer interest in both the types of content through different online marketing tactics. Monetised content creators often create promotional clippings and upload on video sites to drive traffic to the actual content. VSO is needed to boost popularity of monetised and promotional videos. However, different VSO tactics are needed for each: for monetised video, as its content needs to be protected, needs to be stored at a secure site and indexed with correct keywords and phrases (posting its clipping on different video sites with accurate description in the correct categories) so that interested people are directed to your website. Promotional videos should be posted to as many sites as possible and use video search engines viral marketing tactics /forums to popularise it.

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