Use Google Analytics and Google AdWords

Q. Why use Google Analytics in conjunction with my AdWords account?

A. When used effectively, the AdWords interface can give you amazing amounts of data in relation to your account. However, Analytics can give you vital information about the effectiveness of Google AdWords in conjunction with your website. Best of all – it’s free!

Here are three great things you can learn about your AdWords account through Google Analytics :

  1. Is there a discrepancy between the keywords people are searching for in organic to what they are searching for on AdWords?
  2. Which keywords have the longest time on site, which have the shortest and which keywords a prompting searchers to leave your website for a competitor?
  3. See how many times an individual keyword is clicked depending on its position on the search page.

Just getting into Google Analytics and Google search optimisation? Here’s some beginner articles to help out!

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– Google Search Optimisation Starter Guide

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