Use social marketing to increase search engine traffic

Increased search engine traffic to your website is the product of a complicated combination of a whole lot of SEO techniques that are unfathomable to most of the general population. However, anyone whose online presence contributes to the success of their business should be aware of some of the newest strategies to drive traffic to the site, boosting visitors, conversions, and revenue.

Previously, SEO mostly involved trying to get visitors to make their way to a website, do their business, and hopefully come back for more at some time in the future. Recently, the focus has become getting visitors to be loyal to a certain website for all the information they need about a specific topic. For example, when I want to read news, opinions, or tutorials about SEO topics, the first place I tend to go is SEOmoz. The site is updated daily, and has a great deal of helpful information I know I can trust, and so I have become a loyal reader; my fidelity to SEOmoz is the type of emotion you want to engender in all of your site’s visitors. The way to do this is two-fold: First, you must attract new visitors, and second, you must keep them around and entice them to return again and again.

Search Engine Placement and SEO

One of the best ways to appeal to new visitors is to reach them through social media. Social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, is an increasingly popular venue to market websites, whether through traditional pay per click advertising, or though social marketing. Augmenting web traffic through social marketing involves “advertising” your website through the grapevine, so to say.

The reason social media marketing is so effective is because not only does it increase search engine traffic, its effects are longer-lasting and generally higher quality than those obtained from PPC or even straightforward SEO. Search engine traffic through social marketing is generated through the good opinions of the people who visit your website, so rather than simply optimising content for the search engines, you must make it valuable to readers.

You can increase web traffic through helpful articles, tutorials, interactive tools, or any other unique content that is indispensable to end users. Keep in mind that not only should this content be original and interesting, it should also be updated frequently (think daily, not weekly), so that there is new information for the spiders to crawl, and perhaps more importantly, new subject matter for your return visitors to appreciate.

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