Using Broad, Phrase and Exact Match in AdWords

Google AdWords displays your ad for a range of different key phrase matches

Within any AdWords campaign, there are four choices of matching options for keywords that determine which Google searches can prompt your ads to appear – broad match, exact match, phrase match and negative match.

Broad match prompts your ad to show on similar search phrases and variations deemed relevant by Google.

With both phrase and exact match options, the exact phrase must be represented either inclusively in a longer tail keyword (phrase) or as an exclusive match (exact match).

Negative match keywords is a way of ensuring your ad doesn’t show for a given search term.

This comprehensive approach to AdWords ensures you get a broader benefit and cover the differing approaches to web search of different segments of your target market. Negative match keywords can be useful for your brand, where you are likely to already rank highly in natural or organic search results, ensuring that you are not paying to receive a click that you will probably receive organically anyway.

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