Using Google Analytics To Enhance SEO Performance

Constant vigilance is necessary to make sure your SEO strategy is performing at the level you intend it to. It’s very well to implement a keyword campaign in order to drive traffic to your website, but what may have been an effective keyword yesterday is by no means guaranteed to perform well tomorrow. In order to ensure a high-quality campaign that brings only the best visitors to your site, you must frequently recalibrate your SEO strategy to reflect changes in web traffic and search trends.

Google Analytics is a helpful tool for even the most advanced webmaster or online marketing pro. Its cost—free—makes it highly attractive, but is not the only thing working in its favour. It offers a wide range of data reports that can help you discover the strengths and weaknesses in your keyword campaign, and it is user-friendly enough to be accessible to novices. In fact, its plethora of options can make it somewhat difficult, as unseasoned webmasters may be intimidated by the sheer volume of information. However, it is relatively simple to use the tool to analyse your traffic and determine the best approach to improve performance.

How Do I increase my Search Engine Traffic using SEO ?

When looking at the figures from your site’s traffic, first make sure the data is segmented to reflect only organic search traffic, meaning visitors directed to your site from non-paid links rather than pay-per-click. It is valuable to evaluate that data as well, but for the purposes of an SEO analysis, it is important to separate the segments for a moment. You can do this by excluding search terms that include your brand name or URL, and by selecting the “non-paid” option in your account.

You’ll want to take a look at several keyword performance indicators as part of your research. First, look at keyword performance, which will show you the percentage of visitors coming from searching your top 10 (or 25, or 100, and so on) keywords. This is an important statistic because it will help weed out keywords that are not bringing traffic to your site. You should also assess the percentage of pages on your site that are being triggered by searches on major search engines, as those not being triggered need to be tweaked. Also look at the bounce rates for each of your pages, which will tell you how often people are coming to your site and leaving without ever leaving the landing page.

Whether you are just getting into online marketing to promote a new site, or a veteran webmaster overseeing several sites, Google Analytics is a valuable tool for improving your SEO strategy. And honestly, it’s impossible to beat the price.

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