Using Google, Yahoo and Bing Pay Per Click

Q. What is the benefit of using a combination of Google, Yahoo and Bing pay-per-click?

A. While Yahoo and Bing have significantly less traffic than Google, generating traffic through pay-per-click advertising is considerably less expensive than maintaining a campaign in Google AdWords. By including Yahoo/Bing in your online advertising strategy, you are opening your business up to new clientele and perhaps elements of your target market that you are not accessing through Google.

Both Yahoo and Bing are gaining momentum, as they are the default search engines on many computers. Yahoo, in its own right, is also a popular news, current affairs and lifestyle website and as a result, Yahoo users are more likely to use the Yahoo search facility rather than logging onto the Google homepage every time they want to search for something. Using Yahoo and Bing pay-per-click alongside Google AdWords can work fantastically in industries which demand large amounts of traffic.

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