Viral Content & Your SEO Campaign

What is viral content?

No your new blog post doesn’t have a chest infection. Viral content refers to a piece that is the latest big thing in any given industry. We’ve all seen them – they’re the articles, pictures and clips that are shared like wildfire through social media sites, email and even in good old-fashioned face-to-face chats. YouTube videos are a great example of viral content that often do the rounds.

On the biggest scale, viral content online gets recognised everywhere. It’ll pop up on the news, major current event programs and in the papers. Everyone will have an opinion on it, whether it’s a complaint or a raving review. Odds are that if you are looking to get an industry related article to go viral, you won’t get this type of exposure – unless it’s truly ground breaking!

Instead, you might have your piece shared amongst other industry heavyweights or by customers searching for answers to a particular question. Going viral is a fantastic way to generate a large amount of exposure and interest in your business and its services, but it is often easier said than done.

How do I get my content to go viral?

For starters it has to be on a high interest topic. Identifying what people are talking about in your industry at any given time and providing relevant information on that topic is a great base point. Your piece has to have substance. Include images, quotes, stats, reviews, and facts – whatever you need to add to show readers that you are a credible source of information.

The time you publish is also relevant. Odds are that people aren’t going to be looking for the latest industry trends on their Saturday or Sunday morning. The same could be said for Monday morning where they’ll be flat chat with other work, or Friday afternoon where they are tying up the weeks loose ends. Stick to mid-week posts and you’ll have greater chance of capturing your corporate audience.

The design of your site also plays a part in viral content. You could be putting out high-quality articles full of worthwhile information, but the heavy ad presence on your site could be driving visitors elsewhere. If this is the case for you, try going for a cleaner layout on your next post. Keeping it simple with content as the focus will ensure users don’t get lost in the clutter and complain about your site.

Finally, getting feedback and positive reviews from other industry heavyweights is a must. Try this before you publish. Not only will you be drumming up support and recognition for the piece before you put it live, you’ll also get feedback on just how good your article is. What’s more, if someone has seen the article before, they’ll be more likely to re-post and share it when it goes live to the world.

Will viral content improve my business?

Yes. Sharing is caring in the SEO world, and Google will start recognising you as an industry authority if you keep putting out worthwhile content. This will in turn to better rankings and traffic – a big tick for your SEO campaign and online presence.

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