Are your website clicks being wasted?

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AS TEMPTING and easy as it is to send all of your traffic to your homepage….don’t do it.

Landing pages play a critical role in online marketing, and more specifically, lead generation. director Ewan Watt said it was crucial to tailor your landing page for your target market.

“Customers already familiar with your brand should visit your home page. Google users with a specific need, connect with those sites that match their need. That is where landing pages come in,” he said.

“If you are in the B2B sector, your landing page needs to be different to a B2C or E-commerce website where the needs of the customer are totally different.

“For a local services business such as a plumber or pest controller, your landing page tactics should be based around the convenience you offer customers.

“For a business with high-value transactions, it’s all about using a landing page to develop trust, providing examples,and ideally capturing a prospective customer’s contact details, rather than pushing the hard sell at the first point of contact.”

So let’s look at the key steps to writing and designing a landing page that will help get you the results you’re looking for:

Local Businesses

Average conversion rate: 5%
Market-Leading conversion rates:  25%

Local business landing page

Your message:

  • Be mobile-friendly, the majority of local business searches come from Smartphones.
  • Show that you live, work and care about the local community.
  • People who search for local businesses want convenience, so tell them you are willing to help them after hours, or whatever time suits them.
  • You can be trusted.

What to include:

  • A click-to-call button
  • Images of your local area.
  • A location map in the main banner.
  • A list of local suburbs that you cater for.
  • Eye-catching call to action at the top of the page.


Average conversion rate: 3%
Market-Leading conversion rates:  12%

Invoice Market landing page


Your message:

  • Make sure who you are and what you do is clear.
  • Dot points for unique selling points.
  • You understand the prospect’s industry, and their pain points.
  • You can be trusted.

What to include:

  • Display the logos of a few recognisable businesses which use your product or service.
  • Product testimonials.
  • Use a simple form to invite the visitor to subscribe to your newsletter.


Average conversion rate: 1.5%
Market-Leading conversion rates: 4%

Brooks landing page
Your message:

  • Explain why the visitor should choose your product, not your competitor’s.
  • The copy and CTA should be consistent with the marketing campaign.
  • Make it clear on how customers can engage with your business
  • Your business can be trusted.

What to include:

  • Aggressive calls to action should always be visible. So if you have a long page, you may need three. (One at the top, middle and bottom of the landing page)
  • Product testimonials.
  • Images of the product/service in the banner.
  • Product listings and a description about each product.

High-involvement sales 

(Car dealers, real estate agents, finance brokers, nursing homes, etc)

Average conversion rate: 1-2%
Market-Leading conversion rates:  6%

High involvement landing page

Your message:

  • Your focus should be to develop positive reinforcement, not an immediate sale.
  • Show people that you can be trusted.
  • Provide as much useful information as possible.

What to include:

  • Dot points about company – why choose us?
  • Consider a two-step landing page to better convey necessary information.
  • Your CTA should offer more information, not commit the visitor to a sale.


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