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In 2015 many business owners are challenging the value of web statistics placed in front of them.

How could I receive thousands of visitors every month and yet such a small number of sales? Fair question.

The fact is our connected world has become disconnected and that’s the big opportunity for your business. Your website probably receives traffic from thousands of different search terms every year so achieving the following is not easy:

  • All visitors reach your most relevant page
  • Your website provides the right message to the user
  • The visitor finds the right supporting information to help their decision making (FAQ’s)
  • Your value proposition is better than the other 5-10 websites the user visits

Cutting through the noise

Rather than get lost in all of these challenges which are not easy to solve, focuses on how we can better connect your website with your most qualified audience.

Examples of data metrics we analyse are users who spend 1-2 minutes on your site, those visiting your most important pages or those closer to making a purchase.

We analyse user flow data, like the example below.



In this example, we would look at trying to influence the user one minute into their session, or when they scroll down the page,or click to the next page.



Using the above data we can see what information a user wants to access before they make a decision to visit the contact us page,or send an enquiry.  This information can help us understand what interactive message we should present to every user, so they read all the key information on the site.. before they click away.

The solution – Interactive Prompters

Interactive Prompters are helpful messages that are activated when a visitor engages with your website in a certain way which you can control.

Prompters grab your customers’ attention and proactively helping customers engage with your content.  Often they explain your most important message or help customers find solutions – even if they don’t know what they are looking for.

Although they appear similar, it’s important to remember interactive prompters are not pop-up ads

Pop-ups are distractions that interfere with whatever your users were doing on your site, whereas interactive prompters help customers find solutions to their problems.

Why use interactive prompters?

Prompters are more than conversion techniques they are an online representation of proactive and exceptional customer service. As the title of the article suggests..reading your customers mind and prompting the customer to engage with your site.

What are the different kinds of prompters and how do they affect conversions?

Timed prompters

These work by appearing after a customer has been on a page for a designated amount of time. The timing is crucial – you don’t want to shock your customer with a pop up on your page too soon, but neither do you want to set your prompter to show only after that traffic has left. At, we’d check your Google Analytics to see the average time your traffic is spending on the page.


There are other subtle examples at the bottom right hand side of screens, such as how uses time based messages around availability. A little hard to visually show here.

Simple opt-in prompters

The simple opt-in prompters come without many bells and whistles. They spell out the benefits of subscribing to the blog or a newsletter. Since, it doesn’t offer anything in exchange, only people who are really interested in what you’re sharing would sign up.



Opt-in prompters with offers

An offer such as free trial or industry increases the opt-in rates dramatically. It’s a good option if you want to grow your email list quickly although it does come at the cost of getting freebie seekers.

califabrics (1)

Want to turn more browsers into customers?

Hopefully we have demonstrated how interactive prompters could work for your business.

Remember it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. You do need serious web analytics and conversion expertise to get the most out of these advanced techniques.

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