What does the new Google Adwords mean for your business?

Imagine 15 years ago, the Yellow Pages sales representative said to your business:

A) You can increase the size of your bold listing by almost 50%
B) It won’t cost you any more money
C) You can update your value proposition or sales messaging daily
D) You have 3 months before the competition catches on.

Well, this is what happened on Google yesterday.  Google has expanded its Google Adwords ads, allowing for extra space and extra copy.  Below we discuss the changes, let you know how your business can benefit and offer a couple of case studies of how our clients are already winning.

So what’s new?
Google Adwords is now offering expanded text ads. This means that ads allow an extra 47% of text and include two headlines and two description lines rather than the previous one of each.

What does it mean for me?

There are a few main differences that this will have for SMEs going forward.  Firstly, your Adwords campaigns are taking on greater importance, as organic results from SEO will be pushed further down the page by longer, bigger ads.

It also means that now is the best time to make sure that you have a good team of copy writers putting together your ads.  Rather than just a very small value proposition, ads can now provide more details on unique selling points and details of goods and services.  This allows for greater personalisation of ads to searches and better tailed messages per segment category and product.

With more description space, customers will have a greater understanding of exactly what you offer.  This should lead to greater ROI, as people clicking on your link know exactly what they’re clicking, which means that they’re more likely to convert into paid customers.  This way, you reduce money spent on junk clicks for people that aren’t interested.


Awards and Trophies – Increased their click through rate from 7.8% to 18.5% in their target market overnight!


New expanded text ad:

New Google Adwords

Old regular text ad:

Old Google Adwords


Discount Toy Co. – Increased their click through rate from 6.5% to 10.9% overnight

New Expanded text ad:

New Google Adwords

Old Regular text ad:

Old Google Adwords

As you can see from the examples above and their results, making sure that you are optimising your opportunity on the new expanded text Google Ads is more important than ever.  This is done by making sure you have good copywriters who are split-testing your copy and monitoring results to keep your ads performing.

Are you a setter and forgetter? This is bad news for you, as the old text ads will be turned off on October 26, which means you need to have your ads updated by then.  Need help?  Copywriting and analytics monitoring are time-consuming, specialised skills.  Let us take the work out of it.  Contact us today to increase your ROI on your Google Ads campaigns.


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