What do you want? SEO or more sales?

 I love it when this question comes up, the moment where a client is faced with a  question that not many SEO or digital marketing companies ask.

For years the perception has been that we as an search engine optimisation agency deliver more traffic, and so the client, having done their research, think what they need is more or better SEO.

So do they?  Do they really need this SEO thing and do they really know what SEO is? And, for that matter, do they really care?

Or, perhaps what they really want is something that’s really much more interesting, something that will actually add value and something that they can actually relate to … What they really want is MORE SALES!

I’ll ask you this, let’s say hypothetically that the Melbourne Football Club are struggling for their 60th year in a row.  They haven’t won any games again and their members are crying for something to be done.  All they want is more premiership points, they want victories, consistent victories and the holy grail is a Premiership Flag.

So what do they ask for?  They’ll ask for a new coach, Jack Watts to be sacked, maybe some altitude training … but is this what they really need?  It could be all of these things, it could be none of these, it could be something that they are missing.  But ultimately, at the end of the day, all they want is more victories.

So the board goes to work and analyses to the nth degree looking at all aspects of the football club.  Was it the coach, was it the players, administration, recruiters, or any number of other factors?

Then there needs to be some analysis of the outside environment.  What players are available, what draft picks are potentials, is there another gun coach that they could poach off Brisbane?

Once all of these factors are considered, questioned, and agreed upon, then they will be able to make the right decision.  Is it always the right one?  Well history probably doesn’t suggest so for this organisation, but have they done their due diligence to give themselves the best possible chance of formulating the right strategy? I’d say so.

Are You Focusing on the Wrong Goals?


So how does this relate to digital marketing?  Well simply put we want to start at the outcome and work backwards.  SEO is a function of producing the outcome, much like a player is to winning a premiership.  Adwords might be the coach, conversion might be the administration, and remarketing might be the recruiters.  All or some of these products contribute to a successful campaign to achieving the desired outcome.  So if sales is what you’re really after, let’s first consider your current state, what the external environment looks like, what you want to achieve and by when, and only then we can start coming up with the right plan that suits your individual goals.

Top 5 points for getting the job done:

  • Talk about your business, what are the pain points and the problem you’re trying to solve
  • Be honest on whether the goals established will help you win, if not revise
  • Have an open mind, no one solution should be the same, I’m sure your business is different to your competitors
  • Judge on results not the function
  • Celebrate winning, we will be

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