What Does SEO Involve?

Q. What does SEO actually involve

A. Search Engine Optimisation involves a number of things which can be a very time consuming process. A website will need to prove its “worthiness” to google before they start to rank highly in the search results. This involves among other things keyword rich content on the website which can be placed in title tags, meta tags, footers, url’s and the main content. Sound easy enough? Think again!

If google can see you are misusing or abusing these strategies it will find reason not to rank your website. It’s important to mix up your strategy- create a blog or an article with informative information which links backs to your site, submit your website to strong business directories or have another website link back to yours.

You need to pay close attention when writing up content or articles for your website so that you are targeting the the types of keywords that visitors to search engines would use to find your content and you need to write these words into your content in the most natural way possible.

As you can see there is a lot involved in SEO and it takes time and ongoing dedication if you want to keep your website ranking.

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