What Happens When Internet Tracking Cookies Disappear?

Those hidden trackers “cookies” will soon be making an exit from the Internet so what’s there to replace them?

Cookies also known as HTTP cookies, web cookies, browser cookies and Mr Agent Cookie are soon disappearing from the Internet…Well Mr Agent Cookie is made up, but they do follow you and track you like a spy or secret agent would. Cookies have proved useful in everything from authenticating if you’ve logged in, remembering passwords, tracking session times and to tracking browsing histories for remarketing. That’s a lot of in the cookie jar.

So what is going to happen when they disappear?

Other than the Cookie Monster being very sad his favourite snack is longer available, no one is really sure. Currently there is a mad scramble to come up with a system that’s more secure, reliable and is able to be integrated across the many devices we use to access the Internet.

Cookie Monster Google Ad Tracking

So why will they disappear?

Mr Agent Cookie enters again. Just like a spy there have been numerous concerns as to what information cookies are passing on. In fact, the EU made it law for EU based websites to announce and ask for user permission to install cookies.

Cookies have also remained relatively unchanged since their creation in 1994-1995. With the rapid pace that technology is changing it has meant cookies have inconsistent support across devices including tablets and smart phones.

Who is closest to creating a replacement?

Google has a plan for its own Ad Tracking system and with the way it rules over the Internet it’s almost scary at how much more control it will get if it can track your every move. Of course it’s designed to give users more control over how companies can use personal information. Google as a whole has been balancing the privacy and ad effectiveness, but if Google’s ad tracking system is in fact used then they will have even more control over traffic on the Internet – the line blurs.

What about other companies?

Even if Google’s Ad Tracking system is implemented it’s going to be hard for one platform to replace all the functionality cookies have been used for. This give a chance for other companies, such as ISPs, Bing, Facebook and other social media giants to fill the gaps. It’s going to be an all out war for power and the most effective system.

So when can we expect cookies to disappear completely?

Well luckily for the Cookie Monster these new systems really are in their early stages. Cookies may still be around in the coming year, but in 12 months or so the race will truly be on (if it doesn’t happen sooner). We’re keeping our eyes peeled for new information on cookie replacements and will keep you updated.

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