What is a favicon? Does it affect SEO?

Favicon – Favourites Icon

A favicon, short for ‘favourites icon’, is a small 16×16 or 32×32 pixel image that web browsers display in the URL bar and on browser tabs to help users visually identify a site. The file generally must be in the *.ico format for most browsers. Using image editing software like photoshop or GIMP it is possible to create .ico files. There is also free online software that is useful for the creation of .ico images such as, dynamicdrive.com.

What is a favicon
A web browser with two favicons circled in red


Do you need a Favicon for SEO?

It does not directly influence a sites organic ranking. It can be argued that a favicon increases a sites credibility and brand recognition which ultimately leads to a higher click-through rate (CTR). As CTR is a metric used by Google to determine PageRank this would mean a favicon indirectly affects SEO – however slight it is. Therefore, it is important that the design of the favicon is consistent with your brand. The SEO benefits might not be gigantic but it adds professionalism and credibility to the brand. Using WordPress an *.ico file can be added quickly and easily.

How do I install a Favicon with WordPress?

Depending on the theme used, the installation of a *.ico file on WordPress can actually quite a simple process. Use this simple 5 step guide to ensure your site has one:

  1. Create/resize an image 16×16 pixels using Photoshop or similar online tools
  2. Save as favicon.ico
  3. If an old favicon exists in the current WordPress theme – delete it
  4. Upload the newly created favicon file into the current WordPress theme’s folder
  5. Upload another copy of the favicon file into the sites main directory (https://www.roi.com.au/favicon.ico)


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