What Is A Good Lead Conversion Rate?

Today many Australian businesses are focused on increasing their website traffic every month, however, very few businesses focus on increasing the percentage of visitors who turn into new sales opportunities. There is little point investing time and money into driving new visitors to your website if they do not convert into new business opportunities – either as sales leads or direct sales.

The Magic Number is: 


If your website is currently achieving less than 5% online sales or sales lead conversion rates on your traffic, you should read on.

There’s no point bringing in traffic if the page isn’t set up for conversions

Website Conversion Rate is the first internet success metric that your business should strive to improve – too many Australian businesses stress about improving traffic flow and give it their sole focus. If the conversion rate of your site is low, then you are wasting your marketing funds.

No business owner is satisfied with a busy shop where nobody is buying.

Improving website conversion rates is an ongoing task and there are many factors that impact conversion rates. It pays to carefully analyse your website and determine the current weaknesses to arrive at workable strategies for boosting conversion rates. Effective web traffic analysis and measurement is more than simply having good tracking software – it’s about dedicating the time to analysing the data and finding out why things happen.

What should I measure to improve my lead conversion rate?

Improve Conversion RatesAlways measure the Bounce Rate – the number of people arriving at your web-page and then leave without doing anything – and the Average Time on Site for your key selling pages. Lower bounce rates of less than 50% are a positive sign because this signifies that your visitors are using your website more effectively.

Split testing page to see how people react to different images/content/call to actions allows you to collect accurate data on what works for your specific website.

How do I boost my website’s sales conversion rates?

Key steps for improving website conversion rate are increasing the focus on well researched:

  • Brand differentiation
  • Enhanced relevance to web-audience
  • Sustaining trust

Differentiation is all about finding a way to stand out from your competition: starting with your domain name, and continuing throughout the entire website’s strategy – content, aesthetics, navigation, freebies and advertisements/promotions. Find out exactly what your audience desires and then answer these needs through professionally designed/written web-content.

Relevance is very important. Your target audience should land on the webpage that relates directly to the keywords that have been searched – whether it’s for an SEO or PPC campaign.
Example: if a visitor types  ‘rare vintage wines’ in Google and clicks through to your website, they should be taken to a page that talks all about choosing the best vintage wines and your passion in selling good quality rare vintage wines. They should never land at your site’s home page which has a small link to the vintage wine section.

To build trust consistently among your web visitors we also recommend that you prominently displaying your privacy policy; your shipping or ordering procedure, the fact that hundreds of satisfied customers use your site daily; that your site uses SSL encrypted protection for all the web-forms, that you always make it very simple to find contact information such as a name and address as well as prompt support via e-mail. You could also educate people through relevant articles and ‘how to sections’ / newsletters and build trust over time.

Building Customer Confidence Will Boost Your Conversion Rate

In short, your prospect needs to trust you to part with their money. To achieve online conversion rates of 10% + you need to invest in testing, and that means creating multiple landing pages, testing different sales processes, testing different offers, and testing different creative.

Then measure, measure, measure.

Let’s put it into terms business owners will understand

If you currently have 1000 unique visitors to your site per month and increase your conversion rate to 10%, you will enjoy:

600 new sales opportunities per year

In the majority of cases, this equation will be much easier than finding another 1000 unique visitors per month.

If your lead conversion rates are below 5%, contact us for immediate assistance

If your website is currently experiencing online sales lead conversion rates of less than 5%, we invite you to speak to the friendly team at roi.com.au to discuss how we can help your business achieve better returns from your online marketing efforts. See our SEO page for more information on search engine optimisation and conversion.



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