What is a Google+ Hangout?

Google+ hangout logoGoogle+ Hangouts are a free an innovative tool that allows for 10 participants to connect over video-chat. Whether you are on your desktop, laptop or mobile device, your Internet connection opens up a realm of interactive possibilities.

If group video-chat wasn’t exciting enough, why not share your latest slide presentation with your participants, or highlight your point with a YouTube video? Even the most laid-back hosts can begin a game of 8-player pool to keep the conversation interesting.

Want to engage the public in a real and cost-effective way? Share your conversation with the world at ‘Hangouts On Air’. As you and 9 other participants take the stage, your hangout is viewable by anyone – on YouTube, your website and your G+ stream. Live broadcasting is only a mouse click away.

Google+ Hangouts gained Australia wide press the week with Prime Minister Julia Gillard fielding questions from three lucky participants.

How can Google+ Hangouts help me to improve my business?

As fun as Google’s latest feature may sound, it’s time to get down to business. Here’s how you can best utilise the power of the hangout:

  • If the schedules of your jet-setting colleagues are continuing to conflict, simply organise an internal meeting over an Internet connection and webcam via the hangout. Share your slideshows, show diagrams and your latest excel documents whenever you want, wherever you want – it’s the ultimate in convenience.
  • When your big picture presentations and seminars leave some scratching their heads, gather a select few and run a follow-up hang out to answer all of your audience’s burning questions.
  • Do your employees possess the charisma and skill to captivate an online audience? Get your café or restaurants’ next Jamie Oliver to step in front of the camera and teach those wanting to learn how to make a great coffee or pasta dish from home.
  • Step into the mind and hearts of your consumers or target audience and run online focus groups to save costs and extend your reach.

How to start a Google+ Hangout – step-by-step guide

  • Visit plus.google.com/hangouts and click ‘Start a Hangout’ in the top right-hand corner.
  • Invite specific friends or circles to join your hangout.
  • Select whether or not you want to enable ‘Hangouts On Air’ and decide on any additional options.
  • Click ‘Hang Out’ and get started

Why is this information important?

As Google+ continues to pick up steam, roi.com.au recommends you actively get involved in Google+ to reap the associated search local, and social benefits. We will continue to showcase some of the better known and unheard Google+ features over the coming weeks, so until next time, hang loose!


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