What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing helps generate a better return from online advertising

A/B testing is the process of testing two or more versions of an advertising concept to determine which page presents the best response rate. A/B testing, also known as ‘split testing’, is a testing concept which plays a key role in growing the conversion rate of a website landing page. Within internet marketing, A/B testing is also commonly known as ‘conversion optimisation’ or ‘landing page optimisation’.

In A/B testing a control sample is tested against one or more test samples to identify the best rate or response. The best performing test sample then becomes the benchmark and is applied to the marketplace. It also forms the control sample for further testing as the company strives to make further improvements in the rate of response.

If you are receiving the desired quantities of traffic to a web page but not converting them into customers, the likelihood is that the way you communicate to visitors on that page is contributing to them leaving without making further contact or even a purchase.

How does A/B testing work in online advertising?

In conversion optimisation, this control sample is usually a pay-per-click (PPC) landing page used in conjunction with a Google AdWords ad campaign. The landing page is then tweaked in terms of design and layout, testing one or more variations of the page to see if the conversion rate of the control page can be improved upon.

The variations of the landing page are then presented to a sample of the target audience. It’s important to test a significant enough portion of similar-minded prospective customers as testing across a wide demographic is likely to return inconsistent results.

What to test in A/B testing?

The test versions of landing pages can test one element or a combination of page copy, headlines, page design and layout, colours, calls-to-action wording and placement, video and testimonials. It’s also worthwhile testing the consistency of the message between your AdWords ad copy and your on-page content to see if that influences the conversion rate.

The focus of A/B testing should be continuous improvement of the conversion rate for that landing page. Minor changes to a page layout or headline message can have a significant impact on conversions and it is likely to take a number of tests to determine what you may consider a satisfactory level of conversion – even at that point, continuous testing can help to identify changes in consumer behaviour within your target audience.

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