What is Website Banner Advertising?

Low Banner Advertisements rates make it a viable option for online marketers

Website Banner Advertising is a sometimes effective and often overlooked form of online advertising which involves embedding an advertisement onto a web page with the goal of attracting the internet user to the website of the advertiser.

Are they popular?

While sales of banner adverts have plummeted due to low click through rates and a definite, tangible annoyance factor for internet users, they can still prove effective on occasions and not all internet searchers are averse to clicking on them.

How do they work?

In terms of functionality, banner ads function in much the same way as any other advertisement – the end objective is to get the optimal click through rate to promote brand awareness or create a sales opportunity. The advantage of website banner advertising over traditional offline formats is that adds can be monitored in real-time and can be target directly at a web searchers preferences, much the same as other forms of online advertising.

website banner advertisementBanner Advertisement featured on Search Engine Journal

Are they prevalent in Australia?

With improvements in internet connections in Australia, the visual impact of banner ads has improved significantly in recent years with many web banner advertisements now displaying animation, sound and video for increased impact.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has developed standardised sizes for website banner adverts across 18 different banner types, depending on their position on the page.

What Do Web Banner Adverts Cost?

Website Banner Advertising RatesThe cost of banner advertising is based on the number of impressions with fees ranging from:

As low as $1 to around $20 per thousand impressions for a predetermined duration.

These website banner advertisement rates are a rough guide and will differ significantly depending on the site you are intending to advertise on.

Click through rates for banner ads tend to be low, a standard of just 0.25% is not uncommon, so in terms of effectiveness they are not as effective as standard sponsored links advertisements in Google and other search engines. However, in an industry where Google pay-per-click adverts are expensive, the favourable advertising rates of banner adverts may be an effective alternative, at least as a short to medium term brand building tool.

Types of Website Banner Advertisements

Here are a few common website banner ads:

  • Animated Banners – Moving images can attract a higher click through rate than static versions
  • Rotating Banner Ads – Rotating messages allow advertisers to display several messages in one ad
  • Scrolling Banners – Scrolling ads also display content that wouldn’t fit in a static banner ad
  • Media Rich Banners – Using flash and video for effective and quality ad display
  • Pop-up Banner Ads – Often annoying ad version that appears in a separate window
  • Push-Down Ads – Can take over the whole screen or part of and need to be actively closed by user
  • Drop-Down Banners – Present as a drop-down menu offering multiple choices to click through to
  • Peel Adverts – At web page corners these are eye-catching but also seen as annoying by web users

Rotating, scrolling and animated options are a common and modern form of image-based banner adverts and although there is data to support an increased pick-up rate of these adverts, there are still considerable limitations.

The low click-through-rate is an obvious factor but many businesses are willing to offset the cost of banner ads against the notion of increasing brand awareness – especially for the likes of push-down ads and scrolling banner ads which they have to actively close to read the content they are looking for.

The annoyance factor versus the brand awareness is an interesting balancing act for marketers. The willingness to partake in this form of in-your-face advertising will depend greatly on other factors such as the competitive nature of your market.

Should I Use Website Banner Advertising?

There is no ‘yes or no’ answer on whether or not using website banner advertising will prove effective. It will depend on:

  • industry,
  • marketing,
  • budget,
  • competition,
  • circumstances
  • and other factors.

If you have a healthy marketing budget and are aiming to build brand recognition, it’s an avenue worth considering but for most Australian businesses there are far more cost effective alternatives to banner advertising. Speak with our PPC and Adwords Specialists to discuss whether banner advertising is right for you today.


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